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Image Canmore ID Site Name Classification Site Number
Eigg, Kildonnan 22158 Eigg, Kildonnan Cross Slab(S) (Early Medieval), Monastery (Early Medieval) NM48NE 24
Eigg, Loch Nam Ban Mora 22148 Eigg, Loch Nam Ban Mora Dun (Prehistoric) NM48NE 15
Eigg, Grulin Uachdrach 22191 Eigg, Grulin Uachdrach Corn Drying Kiln (Post Medieval), Enclosure(S) (Post Medieval), Field System (Post Medieval), Hut(S) (Post Medieval), Kiln Barn (Post Medieval), Mound (Period Unknown), Township (Post Medieval) NM48SE 7
Eigg, Cleadale 106157 Eigg, Cleadale Croft(S) (19th Century), Cultivation Remains, Field System, Township (Post Medieval) NM48NE 31
Eigg, Five Pennies 118020 Eigg, Five Pennies Corn Drying Kiln (Medieval) - (18th Century), Field System (Medieval) - (18th Century), Township (Medieval) - (18th Century) NM48NE 39
Unknown: Galmisdale Bay, Eigg, Sea Of The Hebrides 213713 Unknown: Galmisdale Bay, Eigg, Sea Of The Hebrides Craft NM48SE 8005
Eigg, Galmisdale 215188 Eigg, Galmisdale Metal Working Site (Bronze Age), Unidentified Flint(S) (Flint) NM48SE 36
22147 Eigg, Kildonnan Arrowhead (Flint) NM48NE 14
Eigg, Kildonnan 22151 Eigg, Kildonnan Font (Medieval)(Possible), Human Remains (Medieval), Basin (Stone) NM48NE 18
Eigg, Kildonnan, St Donnan's Church And Burial-ground 22152 Eigg, Kildonnan, St Donnan's Church And Burial-ground Burial Ground (Medieval), Cemetery (Modern), Church (16th Century), Sheela Na Gig (Possible) NM48NE 19
Eigg, Kildonnan 22155 Eigg, Kildonnan Grave (Viking), Plate(S) (Viking), Sword (Viking), Whetstone (Viking) NM48NE 21
Eigg, Lochan Nighean Dughaill 22160 Eigg, Lochan Nighean Dughaill Dyke (Post Medieval), Enclosure (Post Medieval), Midden (Post Medieval)(Possible), Mound (Post Medieval), Shieling Hut(S) (Post Medieval) NM48NE 26
Eigg, Laig 22163 Eigg, Laig Boat Stem(S) (Viking) NM48NE 3
Eigg, Grulin Iochdrach 22170 Eigg, Grulin Iochdrach Clearance Cairn(S), Field System (Period Unassigned), Township (Post Medieval) NM48NW 1
Eigg, Galmisdale 22174 Eigg, Galmisdale Hut Circle (Prehistoric) NM48SE 12
Eigg, Kildonnan 22177 Eigg, Kildonnan Fort (Prehistoric) NM48SE 15
Eigg, Kildonnan 22182 Eigg, Kildonnan Cairn(S) (Viking), Chambered Cairn (Neolithic)(Possible) NM48SE 2
Eigg, An Sgurr 22190 Eigg, An Sgurr Fort (Iron Age) NM48SE 6
Eigg, Old Manse 81906 Eigg, Old Manse Manse (18th Century) NM48NE 29
Eigg, Galmisdale 106176 Eigg, Galmisdale Field System (Medieval) - (18th Century), Township (Medieval) - (18th Century) NM48SE 27
Eigg, Cleadale, Farm 111752 Eigg, Cleadale, Farm No Class (Event) NM48NE 31.02
Eigg, Struidh 118022 Eigg, Struidh Farmstead (Post Medieval), Field System (Post Medieval), Mound(S), Shieling Hut(S) (Post Medieval) NM48NE 40
Eigg, Sandaveg 118024 Eigg, Sandaveg Building(S) (Post Medieval), Corn Drying Kiln (Post Medieval), Field System (Post Medieval), Township (Post Medieval) NM48NE 42
Eigg, Howlin 352603 Eigg, Howlin Building(S) (19th Century), Building Platform (20th Century), Cottage (20th Century), Enclosure(S) (19th Century), Stack Stand(S) (19th Century), Township (19th Century) NM48NE 121