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All our staffed properties, sites and offices, including the HES Archives and Library, are currently closed, but we’re working on plans to gradually reopen. In the meantime, you can access our services online. Find out more.

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Image Canmore ID Site Name Classification Site Number
Cairnbeg Hill 17163 Cairnbeg Hill Cairn (Period Unassigned), Cairnfield (Period Unassigned), Ring Ditch House(S) (Prehistoric) NJ41SW 4
Tap O' Noth 17169 Tap O' Noth Enclosure (Period Unassigned), Fort (Period Unassigned), Ring Ditch House(S) (Prehistoric), Roundhouse(S) (Prehistoric), Vitrified Stone (Period Unassigned) NJ42NE 1
17646 New Leslie Cairn (Period Unassigned), Cist(S) (Period Unassigned), Ring Ditch House(S) (Prehistoric)(Possible), Arrowhead(S) (Flint) NJ52NE 9
26397 Loch Moraig Hut Circle (Prehistoric), Ring Ditch House (Prehistoric) NN96NW 4
Beattock Hill 48429 Beattock Hill Field System(S) (Period Unassigned), Pen(S) (Period Unassigned), Ring Ditch House (Prehistoric), Settlement (Period Unassigned) NT00SE 7
Castlelaw Hill 51898 Castlelaw Hill Ring Ditch House (Prehistoric) NT26SW 44
Dalrawer 25663 Dalrawer Cropmark(S) (Period Unknown), Ring Ditch House (Prehistoric) NN84NW 50
Parkhead 26029 Parkhead Field Boundary (Period Unknown), Linear Feature(S) (Period Unknown), Pit (Period Unknown), Rectilinear Enclosure (Period Unknown), Rig And Furrow (Medieval), Ring Ditch House (Prehistoric), Souterrain (Prehistoric) NN91NW 39
Hill Of Alyth 31114 Hill Of Alyth Ring Ditch House(S) (Prehistoric) NO25SW 29
Castle Hill 32200 Castle Hill Ring Ditch House (Prehistoric) NO35NE 33
32218 Auchlishie Ring Ditch House(S) (Prehistoric), Souterrain (Prehistoric), Logboat (Possible) NO35NE 5
White Caterthun 35008 White Caterthun Cairnfield (Period Unassigned), Field System (Period Unassigned), Pillow Mound (Period Unassigned), Ring Ditch House(S) (Prehistoric) NO56NW 18
Douglasmuir 35472 Douglasmuir Ring Ditch House(S) (Prehistoric) NO64NW 38
Gallery 35876 Gallery Enclosure(S) (Period Unassigned), Rig And Furrow (Medieval), Ring Ditch House (Prehistoric)(Possible) NO66NE 19
Roberton 47348 Roberton Ring Ditch House(S) (Prehistoric)(Possible) NS92NE 14
Easton-medwyn Water 48844 Easton-medwyn Water Ring Ditch House (Prehistoric) NT04NE 40
Laigh Hill 49779 Laigh Hill Ring Ditch House (Prehistoric) NT12NW 36
Laigh Hill 49780 Laigh Hill House Platform (Period Unassigned), Ring Ditch House (Prehistoric) NT12NW 37
Waddenshope 51242 Waddenshope Fort (Prehistoric), Palisade(S), Ring Ditch House(S) (Prehistoric) NT23NE 14
Castle Hill, Horsburgh Castle Farm 51473 Castle Hill, Horsburgh Castle Farm Cord Rig (Prehistoric), Cultivation Remains (Period Unassigned), Palisaded Settlement (Prehistoric), Ring Ditch House(S) (Prehistoric), Ring Groove House(S) (Prehistoric), Settlement (Prehistoric) NT24SE 37
51576 White Meldon Ring Ditch House (Prehistoric) NT24SW 56
51581 South Hill Head Ring Ditch House (Prehistoric) NT24SW 60
51591 Meldon Burn Palisaded Settlement (Prehistoric), Ring Ditch House (Prehistoric) NT24SW 7
South Hill Head 51602 South Hill Head Palisaded Enclosure(S) (Prehistoric), Ring Ditch House (Prehistoric) NT24SW 8