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Image Canmore ID Site Name Classification Site Number
Yell, Sands Of Brekon 24 Yell, Sands Of Brekon Cist (Period Unassigned) HP50NW 5
Unst, Underhoull 32 Unst, Underhoull Cist(S) (Period Unassigned), Dyke (Period Unassigned) HP50SE 13
Unst, Loch Of Belmont 65 Unst, Loch Of Belmont Cist(S) (Period Unassigned) HP50SE 7
135 Unst, Easting Sands Cist(S) (Period Unassigned) HP60SW 33
Fogla Vord 304 Fogla Vord Cist (Period Unassigned), Farmstead (Period Unassigned), Lithic Implement(S) (Stone) HU24NW 16
Engamoor 355 Engamoor Cist(S) (Prehistoric) HU25NE 20
Loch Of Gruting 403 Loch Of Gruting Cairn (Period Unassigned), Cist (Period Unassigned)(Possible) HU25SE 24
Scousburgh 542 Scousburgh Broch (Iron Age)(Possible), Cist (Period Unknown)(Possible), Spindle Whorl(S) (Period Unknown), Unidentified Pottery (Period Unknown) HU31NE 9
Brecks, Scatness 549 Brecks, Scatness Burial Cairn (Bronze Age), Cist (Bronze Age), Inhumation (Bronze Age), Beaker (Pottery)(Bronze Age) HU31SE 15
Gallow Hill 554 Gallow Hill Cairn (Period Unassigned), Cist (Period Unassigned), Standing Stone (Prehistoric) HU31SE 2
560 Sumburgh Cist (Period Unassigned), Inhumation(S) (Period Unassigned), Beaker (Pottery)(Bronze Age) HU31SE 25
Wiltrow 568 Wiltrow Cairn (Period Unassigned)(Possible), Cist(S) (Period Unassigned), Wall (Period Unassigned) HU31SE 3
Southvoe 573 Southvoe Burnt Mound (Prehistoric)(Possible), Cist (Period Unknown), Inhumation (Period Unknown) HU31SE 7
645 West Burra, Papil 1 Barrow (Prehistoric), Cist (Period Unassigned) HU33SE 50
647 West Burra, Papil 3 Barrow (Prehistoric), Cist (Period Unassigned) HU33SE 52
Seaview, Burraland 681 Seaview, Burraland Cist (Period Unassigned), Cremation (Period Unassigned) HU34NE 11
Clumlie 909 Clumlie Broch (Iron Age), Cist (Prehistoric)(Possible) HU41NW 4
Virdi Field 914 Virdi Field Cist (Prehistoric) HU41NW 9
991 Easter Quarff Cist(S) (Period Unassigned) HU43NW 26
Wester Quarff 1003 Wester Quarff Barrow (Bronze Age), Cist(S) (Bronze Age) HU43SW 1
1024 Scord Of Wadbister Cist (Period Unassigned), Dyke(S) (Period Unassigned) HU44NW 10
Nesbister Hill 1030 Nesbister Hill Cairn (Prehistoric), Cist (Prehistoric) HU44NW 2
Little Asta 1103 Little Asta Cist (Period Unassigned), Cremation (Period Unassigned), Inhumation(S) (Period Unassigned) HU44SW 10
Scord Quarry 1120 Scord Quarry Cairn (Period Unassigned), Cist (Period Unassigned) HU44SW 5