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Image Canmore ID Site Name Classification Site Number
Bo'ness, Bridgeness, Grange House, Dovecot 49525 Bo'ness, Bridgeness, Grange House, Dovecot Dovecot (17th Century), Mine Shaft (18th Century), Winder House (18th Century) NT08SW 33.01
Edinburgh, Newcraighall Road, New Craighall 53896 Edinburgh, Newcraighall Road, New Craighall Mine Shaft (Period Unassigned)(Possible), Axehead (Post Medieval), Buckle(S) (Post Medieval), Coin (Post Medieval), Musket Ball (Post Medieval) NT37SW 59
89377 Craigman, Waud Mine Blacklead Graphite Mine (19th Century), Mine Shaft(S) (19th Century) NS51SW 16
365869 Windygoul South Enclosure [iron Age](Possible), Field Boundary(S) [post Medieval], Mine Shaft(S) [20th Century] NT47SW 198
Wilsontown 99523 Wilsontown Bell Pit(S) (Period Unassigned), Icehouse (Period Unassigned), Iron Works (18th Century), Lime Kiln(S) (18th Century), Mine Shaft (Period Unassigned), Powder Magazine (18th Century), Toilet (Period Unassigned), Wash House(S) (Period Unassigned) NS95SE 11.01
114636 Tranent, Well Wynd, Mine Shaft Mine Shaft (Period Unassigned) NT47SW 51
Leadhills 258091 Leadhills Mine(S) (Period Unassigned), Mine Shaft(S) (Period Unassigned), Spoil Heap(S) (Period Unassigned) NS81SE 6.01
273564 Glasgow, Linn Park Adit(S) (18th Century), Mine Shaft(S) (18th Century), Road (18th Century) NS55NE 244
274535 Cluny Bridge Mine Shaft (Period Unassigned)(Possible) NT29NW 65
289830 Wilsontown Ditch (Period Unassigned), Midden (Period Unassigned), Mine Shaft (Period Unassigned), Mineral Railway (Period Unassigned), Pit(S) (Period Unassigned) NS95SE 74
Meadowfield Colliery, Pits No.6 And 7 293175 Meadowfield Colliery, Pits No.6 And 7 Colliery (Period Unassigned), Mine Shaft (Period Unassigned) NS87SW 5.01
293260 Glasgow, Gartloch Road Embankment (Period Unassigned), Farmstead (Period Unassigned), Mine Shaft (Period Unassigned), Wall (Period Unassigned) NS66NE 112
296110 Penicuik, Greenlaw Mains Mine Shaft(S) (Period Unassigned) NT26SW 140
303160 Shewington, Rosewell Hearth (Period Unassigned)(Possible), Mine Shaft(S) (Period Unassigned) NT26SE 166
Longannet 340451 Longannet Mine Shaft(S) (Post Medieval)(Possible) NS98NW 363
347342 Annfield Mine Shaft(S) (18th Century) NT18NW 189
347343 Drum House Mine Shaft (18th Century) NT18NW 190
348091 Mavisbank House Mine Shaft (Period Unassigned) NT26NE 386
351523 Edinburgh, Newcraighall Road, New Craighall Culvert (Period Unassigned), Ditch(S) (Period Unassigned), Ha Ha (Post Medieval)(Possible), Mine Shaft(S) (Period Unassigned), Pit(S) (Period Unassigned), Rig And Furrow (Medieval), Unidentified Pottery(S) (Medieval) NT37SW 1259
357695 Islay, Ballygrant Quarry Dyke(S) (Period Unassigned), Mine Shaft(S) (Period Unassigned), Mine Workings (Period Unassigned) NR36NE 100
357818 Ormiston, Limeylands Mine Shaft(S) [19th Century]-[20th Century](Possible), Pit [period Unknown] NT46NW 166
365565 Newcraighall Mine Shaft(S) (18th Century) NT37SW 1281