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Image Canmore ID Site Name Classification Site Number
252 Papa Stour, Quida Ness Hut Circle (Prehistoric) HU16SE 19
Gallow Hill 417 Gallow Hill Field System (Prehistoric), Hut Circle (Prehistoric) HU25SE 37
Erne's Ward 550 Erne's Ward Hut Circle (Prehistoric) HU31SE 16
Erne's Ward 574 Erne's Ward Hut Circle (Prehistoric) HU31SE 8
Midhouse, Tenston 1611 Midhouse, Tenston Barrow(S) (Prehistoric), Enclosure (Period Unassigned)(Possible), Hut Circle(S) (Prehistoric)(Possible), Rig And Furrow (Medieval) - (Post Medieval) HY21NE 20
Eday, Doomy 3209 Eday, Doomy Cairn (Period Unassigned), Hut Circle (Prehistoric)(Possible), Marker Cairn (Period Unassigned), Mound (Period Unassigned), Settlement (Period Unassigned)(Possible) HY53SE 4
Fair Isle 3836 Fair Isle Hut Circle (Prehistoric)(Possible), Platform (Period Unassigned), Unenclosed Settlement (Period Unassigned) HZ27SW 166
Lewis, Traigh Na Clibhe 4021 Lewis, Traigh Na Clibhe Hut Circle (Prehistoric)(Possible) NB03NE 5
4059 Lewis, Ardoil Hut Circle(S) (Prehistoric)(Possible), Midden (Period Unknown), Hammerstone (Period Unknown), Saddle Quern(S) (Period Unknown) NB03SW 6
4452 Conmheall Enclosure (Period Unassigned), Hut Circle (Prehistoric) NC00NE 1
Achiltibuie 4463 Achiltibuie Field System (Period Unassigned), Hut Circle(S) (Prehistoric)(Possible) NC00NW 2.03
An Deilbh, Badenscaille 4472 An Deilbh, Badenscaille Hut Circle (Prehistoric) NC00NW 7
4475 Culnacraig Hut Circle (Prehistoric) NC00SE 1
Allt A Phuill Mhoir, Culnacraig 4476 Allt A Phuill Mhoir, Culnacraig Hut Circle (Prehistoric) NC00SE 2
4478 Clachan A Bidach Hut Circle (Prehistoric) NC00SW 2
4479 Rubha Dubh Ard Hut Circle (Prehistoric) NC00SW 3
4483 Strath Polly Hut Circle (Prehistoric) NC01SE 2
Loch Vatachan 4490 Loch Vatachan Cairnfield (Period Unassigned), Enclosure (Period Unassigned), Field System (Period Unassigned), Hut Circle (Prehistoric), Sheepfold (Period Unassigned) NC01SW 4
Loch Raa 4491 Loch Raa Hut Circle(S) (Prehistoric) NC01SW 5
Loch Raa 4492 Loch Raa Hut Circle (Prehistoric) NC01SW 6
4576 Caol Loch Hut Circle (Prehistoric) NC14NE 1
4577 Scourie House Cairnfield (Period Unassigned), Hut Circle (Prehistoric) NC14NE 2
4578 Scourie House Hut Circle (Prehistoric) NC14NE 3
4590 Slugaid Liath Cairnfield (Period Unassigned), Hut Circle(S) (Prehistoric) NC14SE 12