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Image Canmore ID Site Name Classification Site Number
6 Yell, Eegittle Fort (Period Unassigned) HP40SE 3
7 Unst, Watlee Chambered Cairn (Neolithic), Enclosure (Period Unassigned) HP50NE 1
8 Unst, West Scrafield Souterrain (Prehistoric) HP50NE 10
Unst, Westing, Norse Mill 9 Unst, Westing, Norse Mill Horizontal Mill (Period Unassigned) HP50NE 11
Unst, Westing, Kirkaby Church 10 Unst, Westing, Kirkaby Church Broch (Iron Age)(Possible), Burial Ground (Medieval)(Possible), Church (Medieval), Enclosure (Period Unknown), Site (Prehistoric) HP50NE 2
12 Unst, Shadow Cottage, Westing Farmstead (Norse) HP50NE 4
13 Unst, Bighton, Westing Farmstead (Norse) HP50NE 5
15 Unst, Tafts Of Coppister Findspot (19th Century), Cinerary Urn(S) HP50NE 7
16 Unst, Tafts Of Coppister Farmstead (Norse) HP50NE 8
17 Unst, Loch Of Watlee Souterrain (Prehistoric) HP50NE 9
Yell, Sands Of Breckon 18 Yell, Sands Of Breckon Settlement (Prehistoric), Quern (Bronze Age) HP50NW 1
19 Yell, Breiwick Midden (Iron Age), Unidentified Pottery (Pottery) HP50NW 10
Yell, Sands Of Breckon 20 Yell, Sands Of Breckon Settlement (Prehistoric) HP50NW 11
Yell, Burgi Geo 21 Yell, Burgi Geo Broch (Iron Age) HP50NW 2
22 Yell, Fillacomb Point Broch (Iron Age) HP50NW 3
Yell, Sands Of Brekon 23 Yell, Sands Of Brekon Cairn(S) (Period Unassigned), Human Remains (Period Unassigned) HP50NW 4
24 Yell, Sands Of Brekon Cist (Period Unassigned) HP50NW 5
25 Yell, Cruness Broch (Iron Age)(Possible), Enclosure (Period Unassigned) HP50NW 7
26 Yell, Sands Of Brekon Findspot (20th Century), Flake(S) (Quartz) HP50NW 8
27 Yell, Sands Of Brekon Findspot (Period Unknown), Quern (Period Unknown) HP50NW 9
Unst, Underhoull 28 Unst, Underhoull Farmstead (Norse), Field System (Period Unassigned), Settlement (Viking), Souterrain (Prehistoric) HP50SE 1
29 Unst, Loch Of Stourhoull Cairn (Period Unassigned)(Possible), Standing Stone (Prehistoric) HP50SE 10
30 Unst, Gunnister Standing Stone (Prehistoric) HP50SE 11
63 Unst, Gletna Kirk Building (Post Medieval), Chapel (Medieval)(Possible) HP50SE 5