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Image Canmore ID Site Name Classification Site Number
Unst, Lund, St Olaf's Chapel And Churchyard 64 Unst, Lund, St Olaf's Chapel And Churchyard Burial Ground (Medieval), Chapel (Medieval), Church (12th Century), Churchyard (Period Unassigned) HP50SE 6
65 Unst, Loch Of Belmont Cist(S) (Period Unassigned) HP50SE 7
Unst, Loch Of Snabrough 66 Unst, Loch Of Snabrough Broch (Iron Age) HP50SE 8
Unst, Loch Of Bordastubble 67 Unst, Loch Of Bordastubble Standing Stone (Prehistoric) HP50SE 9
69 Yell, Cullivoe Findspot (20th Century), Lamp (Steatite) HP50SW 10
70 Yell, Gloup Findspot (20th Century), Adze (Stone) HP50SW 11
Yell, Kellister 71 Yell, Kellister Chapel (Medieval)(Possible) HP50SW 12
104 Unst, Baliasta, Brough Broch (Iron Age)(Possible) HP60NW 5
Unst, Clugan 105 Unst, Clugan Grave (Viking), Settlement (Period Unassigned), Implement (Stone)(Iron Age), Slag (Iron Age), Unidentified Pottery (Iron Age) HP60NW 6
106 Unst Findspot (20th Century), Coin (Roman) HP60NW 7
Unst, Baltasound, Pier 107 Unst, Baltasound, Pier Pier (19th Century) HP60NW 8
108 Unst, Balta Sound, St John's Kirk Church (19th Century) HP60NW 9
109 Unst, Sandwick Weight (Stone) HP60SW 1
110 Unst, Murrister Burnt Mound (Prehistoric) HP60SW 10
Unst, Mailand 111 Unst, Mailand Burnt Mound (Prehistoric) HP60SW 11
112 Unst, Sandwick Midden (Period Unassigned) HP60SW 12
113 Unst, Knowe Of Hoversta Cairn (Period Unassigned) HP60SW 13
114 Unst, Sandwick Broch (Iron Age) HP60SW 14
Unst, Hoversta 115 Unst, Hoversta Clearance Cairn(S) (Period Unassigned), Farmstead (Period Unassigned), Farmstead (Norse)(Possible), Quarry (Period Unassigned), Unidentified Pottery (Iron Age) HP60SW 15
Unst, Brough Taing 116 Unst, Brough Taing Broch (Iron Age) HP60SW 16
117 Unst, Sobul Cairn (Period Unassigned) HP60SW 17
Unst, Conisgarth 118 Unst, Conisgarth House (Neolithic) - (Bronze Age) HP60SW 18
Unst, Muness Castle 120 Unst, Muness Castle Castle (16th Century), Formal Garden (Period Unknown)(Possible), Fortified House (16th Century), Lairds House (16th Century) HP60SW 2
Unst, Blue Geos 121 Unst, Blue Geos Building(S) (Prehistoric), Midden (Period Unassigned), Unidentified Pottery (Iron Age) HP60SW 20