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Sites (2019)

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Image Canmore ID Site Name Classification Site Number
37 Unst, Blue Mull Mound(S) (Period Unassigned)(Possible) HP50SE 18
Unst, Muness Castle 133 Unst, Muness Castle Mound (Period Unassigned) HP60SW 31
162 Unst, Towrie Mound (Period Unassigned) HP61SW 14
Unst, Soterberg, Harold's Wick 169 Unst, Soterberg, Harold's Wick Field System (Period Unassigned), House (Norse), Mound (Period Unassigned), Settlement (Period Unassigned), Unidentified Pottery (Iron Age) HP61SW 20
Unst, Crussa Field 172 Unst, Crussa Field Mound (Period Unassigned) HP61SW 23
210 Papa Stour, Muckle Heogan Mound (Period Unassigned) HU15NE 13
Papa Stour, Northbanks 254 Papa Stour, Northbanks Mound (Period Unassigned) HU16SE 20
522 Lewis Skord Human Remains(S) (Period Unknown)(Possible), Mound (Period Unassigned) HU31NE 10
605 West Burra, Stoura Field Mound (Period Unassigned), Structure (Period Unassigned) HU33NE 24
West Burra, Grunasound 623 West Burra, Grunasound Mound (Period Unassigned), Settlement (Period Unassigned)(Possible) HU33SE 14
664 West Burra, Southerhouse Mound (Period Unassigned) HU33SE 68
671 West Burra, Hogaland Wester Mound (Period Unassigned) HU33SE 74
Gossigarth 673 Gossigarth Mound (Period Unassigned), Site (Period Unassigned) HU33SE 76
768 Ayres Of Corse Mound (Period Unassigned) HU35SW 5
Olwell Knowe 800 Olwell Knowe Mound (Period Unassigned) HU36NW 8
806 Skeo Knowe Mound (Period Unassigned), Cinerary Urn HU37NE 2
930 Burn Of Catpund Mound(S) (Period Unassigned) HU42NW 15
951 Greenmaw Mound (Period Unassigned) HU42SW 12
982 Hollander's Knowe Mound (Period Unassigned) HU43NW 18
444 Grumnavoe Mound(S) (Period Unassigned) HU25SW 25
451 Bottom Of Clodisdale Mound (Period Unassigned) HU25SW 31
578 West Burra, Bight Of The Sandy Geos Mound (Period Unassigned) HU32NE 10
583 West Burra, Bight Of The Sandy Geos Mound (Period Unassigned) HU32NE 9
Mogaland 688 Mogaland Mound (Period Unassigned) HU34NE 18