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Image Canmore ID Site Name Classification Site Number
Unst, Sandwick, Framgord Chapel And Cemetery 131 Unst, Sandwick, Framgord Chapel And Cemetery Burial Ground (Period Unassigned), Cemetery (Period Unassigned), Chapel (Medieval), Cross Slab (Early Medieval) HP60SW 3
2204 Rousay, Westness Cemetery (Viking), Brooch(S) (Viking) HY32NE 7
2250 Knowes Of Quoyscottie Cemetery (Bronze Age) HY32SW 10
2768 Westray, Pierowall Links Cemetery(S) (Viking) HY44NW 13
2845 Westray, Old Manse Cemetery(S) (Viking) HY44SW 7
Fair Isle, Kirki Geo 3756 Fair Isle, Kirki Geo Cemetery (Medieval) - (Post Medieval), Chapel (Medieval)(Possible), Settlement (Period Unassigned) HZ26NW 1
Lewis, Bhaltos, Cnip 4007 Lewis, Bhaltos, Cnip Cemetery (Viking), Cist (Viking) NB03NE 15
Lewis, Teampull Eoin 4191 Lewis, Teampull Eoin Cemetery (Medieval), Church (15th Century), Settlement (Prehistoric)(Possible) NB24NE 3
Lewis, Teampull Nan Cro' Naomh 4346 Lewis, Teampull Nan Cro' Naomh Burial Enclosure(S) (Post Medieval), Cemetery (Medieval) - (Post Medieval), Chapel (13th Century) NB45NW 1
4560 Gedavolick, Nedd Cemetery (Period Unassigned), Chapel (Medieval)(Possible) NC13SW 1
Gruinn Nam Marbh 5494 Gruinn Nam Marbh Cemetery (Period Unassigned) NC60SE 25
Grumbeg 5625 Grumbeg Cemetery (Period Unassigned), Cross Slab(S) (Early Medieval) NC63NW 8
6909 Kirkton Cemetery (Period Unassigned), Chapel (16th Century)(Possible) NC86SE 4
7252 Reay Cemetery (Viking)(Possible) NC96NE 13
Crosskirk, St Mary's Chapel 8005 Crosskirk, St Mary's Chapel Cemetery (Period Unassigned), Chapel (12th Century) ND07SW 1
8096 Berriedale, Graveyard Cemetery (Period Unassigned) ND12SW 36
8350 Dale Cemetery (Period Unassigned), Chapel (19th Century)(Possible) ND15SW 15
Bridge Of Dunn 8743 Bridge Of Dunn Cemetery (Period Unassigned), Chapel (Post Medieval) ND25NW 12
Thura Mains 8857 Thura Mains Cemetery (Period Unassigned), Church (Period Unassigned) ND26SW 8
Skye, Annait, Bay River 10918 Skye, Annait, Bay River Cemetery (Post Medieval), Fort (Prehistoric) - (Early Medieval), Monastic Settlement (Early Medieval)(Possible), Shieling Hut(S) (Medieval) - (Post Medieval) NG25SE 1
11197 Skye, Uig Church Cemetery (Period Unassigned), Church (Period Unassigned) NG36SE 3
Skye, Skeabost Island 11282 Skye, Skeabost Island Cemetery (Medieval), Chapel (Medieval), Church (Medieval), Font (Medieval), Grave Slab(S) (Medieval), Monastic Settlement (Medieval)(Possible) NG44NW 3
Kirkton, Grave Yard 11864 Kirkton, Grave Yard Cemetery (Period Unassigned), Dun (Period Unassigned) NG82NW 8
Courthill House, St Donan's Chapel, Cemetery 11920 Courthill House, St Donan's Chapel, Cemetery Cemetery (Period Unassigned), Chapel (Period Unassigned), Cross Base (Early Medieval)(Possible), Cross Slab (Early Medieval), Font (Period Unassigned)(Possible) NG84SW 1