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Image Canmore ID Site Name Classification Site Number
Unst, Sandwick 127 Unst, Sandwick Bead (Viking), Implement(S) (Bone)(Viking), Knife, Lamp (Viking), Needle(S) (Viking), Pin(S) (Viking), Ring (Viking), Spindle Whorl(S) (Viking), Whetstone (Viking) HP60SW 26
Modesty 356 Modesty Axehead(S) (Stone)(Prehistoric), Knife(S) (Stone)(Prehistoric), Vessel (Steatite)(Prehistoric) HU25NE 21
366 West Burrafirth Knife(S) (Stone) HU25NE 30
368 West Burrafirth Axehead(S) (Sandstone), Cinerary Urn(S), Knife(S) (Sandstone), Mount(S), Perforated Object, Vessel(S) HU25NE 32
446 Stourbrough Hill Knife(S) (Stone) HU25SW 27
477 Hillswick Knife (Stone) HU27NE 27
Esha Ness 486 Esha Ness Knife(S) (Stone) HU27NW 10
760 Laggans Axehead (Stone), Knife (Stone) HU35SW 17
Hoo Field 781 Hoo Field Knife (Stone) HU36NE 6
782 Delting Knife (Stone) HU36NE 7
Northmavine 811 Northmavine Knife (Stone)(Prehistoric), Polished Axehead(S) (Stone)(Prehistoric) HU37NW 10
837 North Roe Knife (Stone) HU38NE 12
869 Northmavine Knife (Stone) HU38SW 3
870 Northmavine Axehead(S) (Stone), Knife(S) (Stone), Lithic Implement(S) (Stone) HU38SW 4
871 Snowbuil Knife (Stone) HU38SW 5
874 Northmavine Knife (Stone) HU38SW 8
979 Scalloway Knife (Stone) HU43NW 15
Hill Of Shurton 1102 Hill Of Shurton Adze (Stone), Knife(S) (Stone) HU44SW 1
1939 Hill Of Orphir Knife (Flint) HY30NE 20
Barnhouse 2152 Barnhouse Lithic Scatter (Neolithic), Settlement (Neolithic), Knife(S) (Neolithic), Polished Axehead(S) (Stone)(Neolithic) HY31SW 62
Quanterness 2552 Quanterness Chambered Cairn (Neolithic), Cremation (Neolithic), Inhumation (Neolithic), Roundhouse (Iron Age), Bead(S) (Lead)(Neolithic), Bead (Bone)(Neolithic), Knife(S) (Flint)(Neolithic), Unidentified Pottery (Pottery)(Neolithic), Unidentified Pottery (Pottery)(Iron Age) HY41SW 4
Rousay, Nearhouse 2669 Rousay, Nearhouse Knife, Leaf Arrowhead, Polished Axehead HY42NW 9
Rousay, Sourin Valley 2707 Rousay, Sourin Valley Knife (Flint) HY43SW 11
Sanday, Quoyness 3395 Sanday, Quoyness Chambered Cairn (Neolithic), Cist (Late Neolithic), Inhumation(S) (Late Neolithic), Disc (Slate)(Late Neolithic), Knife (Flint)(Late Neolithic), Unidentified Pottery (Pottery)(Neolithic) HY63NE 1