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A building used to store grain, especially after it has been threshed or husked.


Related Terms

Term Note
BAKERY A commercial bakery or bread factory.
BARN A building used primarily for the storage of hay, grain and farm equipment, or as a shelter for livestock. Use more specific type where known.
CLEIT A drystone building used for storage. Use only for sites on the St Kilda archipeligo.
CORN DRYING KILN A kiln used for drying cereals. Use for freestanding structures only. For corn drying kilns incorporated into barns use KILN BARN.
DISTILLERY A complex or works where spirits are made by distillation.
FLOUR MILL A factory where flour is produced for use in food products.
GRAIN DRIER A building or room within a granary used to dry grain. Often consisting of an oven with a refractory-brick drying floor above, on which the grain was placed.
GRAIN MILL A mill where grain is ground to produce flour.
GRAIN STORAGE PIT A pit in which grain is stored.
STADDLE STONE A mushroom-shaped stone used to raise the floor of a barn, granary etc. above ground level, to prevent vermin from gaining access to stored grain and fodder. Now often used as a garden ornament. Linked Data resource