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Image Canmore ID Site Name Classification Site Number
Sgarbach, Auckingill 2 Sgarbach, Auckingill Standing Stone (Prehistoric) ND36SE 6
Unst, Loch Of Stourhoull 29 Unst, Loch Of Stourhoull Cairn (Period Unassigned)(Possible), Standing Stone (Prehistoric) HP50SE 10
Unst, Gunnister 30 Unst, Gunnister Standing Stone (Prehistoric) HP50SE 11
Unst, Burragarth 46 Unst, Burragarth Standing Stone (Prehistoric) HP50SE 26
Unst, Belmont 47 Unst, Belmont Standing Stone(S) (Prehistoric) HP50SE 27
Unst, Loch Of Bordastubble 67 Unst, Loch Of Bordastubble Standing Stone (Prehistoric) HP50SE 9
Yell, Papil, Burn Of Forsc 79 Yell, Papil, Burn Of Forsc Standing Stone (Prehistoric) HP50SW 5
Unst, Uyea Breck 137 Unst, Uyea Breck Standing Stone (Prehistoric) HP60SW 5
Unst, Clivocast 138 Unst, Clivocast Standing Stone (Prehistoric) HP60SW 6
197 Foula, The Brethren Standing Stone (Prehistoric) HT93NW 1
Stanesland 308 Stanesland Standing Stone (Prehistoric) HU24NW 2
Sotersta 339 Sotersta Standing Stone(S) (Prehistoric) HU24SE 6
Giant's Stone 374 Giant's Stone Standing Stone (Prehistoric) HU25NE 7
Stanydale 387 Stanydale Field System (Prehistoric), Ritual Building (Neolithic) - (Bronze Age), Settlement (Prehistoric), Standing Stone(S) (Prehistoric), Beaker (Pottery)(Bronze Age)(Possible) HU25SE 1
Hamnavoe, The Giant's Stones 508 Hamnavoe, The Giant's Stones Standing Stone(S) (Prehistoric) HU28SW 3
Gallow Hill 554 Gallow Hill Cairn (Period Unassigned), Cist (Period Unassigned), Standing Stone (Prehistoric) HU31SE 2
East Burra, Yaa Field 625 East Burra, Yaa Field Standing Stone (Prehistoric) HU33SE 16
West Burra, Mid Field 626 West Burra, Mid Field Standing Stone (Prehistoric) HU33SE 17
Mailland 697 Mailland Standing Stone (Prehistoric) HU34NE 7
Yahaarwell 717 Yahaarwell Standing Stone(S) (Prehistoric) HU34SW 2
Gravlaba 738 Gravlaba Standing Stone(S) (Prehistoric) HU35NW 3
751 Stone Of Comba Standing Stone (Prehistoric) HU35SE 7
Brecks Hill 767 Brecks Hill Standing Stone (Prehistoric) HU35SW 4
775 Ludowic Stone Standing Stone (Prehistoric) HU36NE 11