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Image Canmore ID Site Name Classification Site Number
Colsay, Ox Eye 523 Colsay, Ox Eye Shieling(S) (Post Medieval) HU31NE 11
2264 Burn Of Lushan Shieling(S) (Post Medieval)(Possible) HY32SW 23
2265 Burn Of Kithuntlins Shieling(S) (Post Medieval)(Possible), Stone (Period Unassigned) HY32SW 24
Rousay, 'stye Of Stanyiron' 2661 Rousay, 'stye Of Stanyiron' Shieling (Post Medieval)(Possible) HY42NW 44
Loch Beannach 4540 Loch Beannach Shieling (Post Medieval), Township (Period Unassigned) NC12NW 1
Allt Na Clais Leobairnich 4721 Allt Na Clais Leobairnich Pen(S) (Period Unassigned), Shieling(S) (Post Medieval) NC27SE 2
Allt A' Bhaid Loisgt 4912 Allt A' Bhaid Loisgt Shieling (Post Medieval) NC45NE 3
Allt Bhreaig 4938 Allt Bhreaig Shieling(S) (Post Medieval) NC45SE 1
Allt Meadhonach 4943 Allt Meadhonach Shieling(S) (Post Medieval) NC45SW 4
Allt Meadhonach East 4944 Allt Meadhonach East Shieling(S) (Post Medieval) NC45SW 5
Achuvoldrach Burn 5322 Achuvoldrach Burn Shieling(S) (Post Medieval) NC55NE 17
Meall Meadhonach 5526 Meall Meadhonach Building(S) (Period Unassigned), Shieling(S) (Post Medieval), Structure(S) (Period Unassigned) NC61SW 11
5527 Allt Geal Shieling (Post Medieval), Structure (Period Unassigned) NC61SW 12
Meall Meadhonach 5528 Meall Meadhonach Field System (Period Unassigned), Hut Circle(S) (Prehistoric), Shieling(S) (Post Medieval) NC61SW 13
Coire Buidhe 5620 Coire Buidhe Shieling(S) (Post Medieval) NC63NW 32
Coriefeuran Hill 5642 Coriefeuran Hill Shieling(S) (Post Medieval) NC63SE 7
Mallart River 5644 Mallart River Shieling(S) (Post Medieval) NC63SE 9
River Borgie 5769 River Borgie Shieling(S) (Post Medieval) NC65SW 2
Cnoc A Cheathraimh 5830 Cnoc A Cheathraimh Shieling(S) (Post Medieval) NC70NE 32
Garvault Hotel 6115 Garvault Hotel Cairnfield (Period Unassigned), Shieling(S) (Post Medieval) NC73NE 3
Cnoc Bad A' Chlair 6143 Cnoc Bad A' Chlair Cairn (Period Unassigned), Shieling (Post Medieval) NC73SE 3
Forsinard 6788 Forsinard Shieling(S) (Post Medieval) NC84SE 6
Allt Coire Nam Mang 6795 Allt Coire Nam Mang Shieling(S) (Post Medieval) NC84SW 4
Dyke 6827 Dyke Shieling (Post Medieval) NC85SE 22