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Age of Industry

The Age of Industry explores the wealth of manufacturing and construction heritage across Scotland. From water power to wind power, discover the sites of an abandoned distillery and an island littered with slate quarries; learn the history of the construction of the Caledonian canal, and see the proud heritage of Lanarkshire's iron and steel manufacture. Discover aspects of Scotland's industrial heritage that have almost vanished from the landscape.

Monkton Windmill - Whiteside, South Ayrshire

Travelling around the west of Scotland, one is struck by the large numbers of watermills, now often converted into coffee shops, galleries and even museums. Their ubiquity is testament to the damp climate and rugged terrain which characterises this part of the world. These structures were originally built in order to harness the energy in flowing water, powering the early stages of our agricultural and industrial revolutions. We find this energy source revisited today in the form of hydropower turbines; at the same time, we mustn’t forget the backbone of renewable energy, wind, which also has a historic origin – the windmill.

The Caledonian Canal and Clachnaharry Sea Lock, The Great Glen, Highlands

The Clachnaharry sea lock - a place where salt water meets fresh, where turbulence meets calm, where a distinctly maritime breeze whips over the canal jutting out like the tale of a leviathan: a liminal place created with great difficulty.