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Field Visit

Date 6 June 1991

Event ID 1107977

Category Recording

Type Field Visit


An area of small cairns extends over a distance of 650m from E to W by at least 300m transversely on the SE spur of Learable Hill to the W of Learable township and encompassing within it the associated monuments described elsewhere: a standing stone (NC82SE 1); a stone circle (NC82SE 4); several stone rows (NC82SE 6); and a cairn (NC82SE 9), all of which are concentrated in a small area around the brow of the spur. The four hut-circles are situated on the S slope of the spur, overlooking the Allt Leitir nan Caile, whilst the enclosure lies on the S lee of the spur some 100m W of the stone circle.

Amongst the small cairns there are several curvilinear clearance dykes, terraces and rickles of stones, of which one of the latter runs along the S edge of the spur above a steeply falling slope for about 140m from NC 8906 2346 to NC 8920 2343. Some 40m to the NW there is a sub-rectangular enclosure with rounded corners at the W end and squared corners at the E end, which measures 29m from WNW to ESE by 23m transversely within heather-covered banks up to 0.4m in height. It is sub-divided into two unequal parts by a bank, which runs across it from NNE to SSW, and the larger E compartment shows traces of a terrace. (KILD91 417)

A. NC 8898 2343 This hut-circle is situated on a natural terrace on the lower slopes of the hill and measures 10m in diameter within a stony bank spread to 1.6m in thickness and 0.4m in height, but with no entrance visible.

(KILD91 202)

B. NC 8883 2340 This hut-circle, which is situated some 175m W of 'A', is terraced into a steep slope and measures 10.5m in diameter within a bank spread to 2.7m in thickness and 0.8m in height and an entrance on the ESE. On the SE and SW the bank incorporates what may be natural mounds.

(KILD91 203)

C. NC 8884 2348 This hut-circle is situated in gently sloping ground towards the top of the slope some 80m N of 'B' and measures 11m in diameter within a stony bank spread to 2.2m in thickness and 0.4m in height with what may be inner and outer facing-stones. The position of the entrance is uncertain, but it may be indicated by a dip in the bank on the SW.

(KILD91 204)

D. NC 8904 2342 What may be a hut-circle is set into the slope at the back of a natural terrace, some 50m NE of 'A'. It comprises an oval platform, which measures 8m from E to W by 7.3m transversely, and has some stones visible on its downslope or S side. A bank runs upslope from its E side and describes a semi-circle around the top edge of the terrace.

(KILD91 416)

Visited by RCAHMS (PJD) 6 June 1991

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