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A semi-subterranean building used to store ice, for the preservation of fish, meat and other foods, cold drinks and medical supplies. Found in the grounds of large 19th century houses and also close to harbours used by fishing boats.

Ice House (Non-Preferred)


Related Terms

Term Note
COLD STORE A room or small building kept at low temperatures for the storage of perishable items, particularly food.
COUNTRY HOUSE A rural residence or mansion.
DEER LARDER A building providing cool conditions in which deer carcasses are hung to mature.
FISH HOUSE A building used for the storage of fish.
GAME LARDER A small building where game is hung and kept cool.
ICE POND A shallow pond, often located near an ICEHOUSE, built to provide ice during the winter.
LARDER A store for keeping meat. Use specific term where known.
SMOKEHOUSE A building where fish and meat are cured by smoking. Linked Data resource