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Image Canmore ID Site Name Classification Site Number
Fethaland 876 Fethaland Roundhouse (Prehistoric) HU39SE 1
Rousay, Knowe Of Swandro 2169 Rousay, Knowe Of Swandro Cellular Building (Pictish)(Possible), Chambered Cairn (Neolithic), Roundhouse(S) (Iron Age), Coin (9th Century) HY32NE 19
Eynhallow, 'monkerness' 2179 Eynhallow, 'monkerness' Roundhouse (Prehistoric), Structure (Prehistoric) HY32NE 28
Quanterness 2552 Quanterness Chambered Cairn (Neolithic), Cremation (Neolithic), Inhumation (Neolithic), Roundhouse (Iron Age), Bead(S) (Lead)(Neolithic), Bead (Bone)(Neolithic), Knife(S) (Flint)(Neolithic), Unidentified Pottery (Pottery)(Neolithic), Unidentified Pottery (Pottery)(Iron Age) HY41SW 4
Eday, Linkataing 3182 Eday, Linkataing Roundhouse (Prehistoric) HY53NE 8
Sanday, Tofts Ness 3572 Sanday, Tofts Ness Chambered Cairn (Prehistoric)(Possible), Cist(S) (Prehistoric), Dyke(S) (Period Unknown), Mound(S) (Prehistoric), Roundhouse (Prehistoric) HY74NE 1
Sanday, Tofts Ness 3574 Sanday, Tofts Ness Roundhouse (Prehistoric), Settlement (Iron Age) HY74NE 3
Nybster 9329 Nybster Broch (Iron Age)(Possible), Roundhouse (Prehistoric) ND36SE 56
North Uist, South Clettraval, Tigh Cloiche 10081 North Uist, South Clettraval, Tigh Cloiche Building(S) (Later Prehistoric) - (Post Medieval), Chambered Cairn (Neolithic), Cremation (Neolithic) - (Bronze Age), Roundhouse (Later Prehistoric)(Possible), Unidentified Pottery (Prehistoric) NF77SE 14
Gilchrist 12685 Gilchrist Enclosure (Prehistoric)(Possible), Pit(S) (Period Unknown), Rig And Furrow (Medieval) - (Post Medieval), Roundhouse (Prehistoric) NH54NW 26
Ardnagrask 12696 Ardnagrask Roundhouse (Prehistoric) NH54NW 36
Westray, Hoorness, Noup 2778 Westray, Hoorness, Noup Broch (Iron Age)(Possible), Roundhouse (Prehistoric) HY44NW 22
Westray, Pierowall Quarry 2789 Westray, Pierowall Quarry Chambered Cairn (Neolithic), Inhumation (Neolithic), Inscribed Stone(S) (Neolithic), Roundhouse (Iron Age), Structure (Late Neolithic), Scraper (Tool)(S) (Flint)(Neolithic), Unidentified Object(S) (Stone)(Neolithic), Unidentified Pottery (Iron Age), Unidentified Pottery (Late Neolithic) HY44NW 32
Westray, Knowe Of Skea 2838 Westray, Knowe Of Skea Broch (Iron Age)(Possible), Chambered Cairn (Neolithic)(Possible), Cist (Bronze Age), Hearth(S) (Bronze Age), Inhumation(S) (Bronze Age), Inhumation(S) (Iron Age), Post Hole(S) (Bronze Age), Roundhouse(S) (Bronze Age), Settlement (Prehistoric), Wheelhouse(S) (Iron Age)(Possible), Animal Remains (Prehistoric), Unidentified Pottery (Bronze Age) - (Iron Age), Whetstone (Prehistoric) HY44SW 2
Linga Holm 3349 Linga Holm Roundhouse (Prehistoric) HY62NW 9
North Ronaldsay, Howmae Brae 3691 North Ronaldsay, Howmae Brae Roundhouse(S) (Iron Age), Settlement (Iron Age), Wheelhouse (Iron Age) HY75SE 5
Fair Isle, Landberg 3915 Fair Isle, Landberg Chapel (Medieval), Promontory Fort (Prehistoric) - (Medieval), Roundhouse (Prehistoric) HZ27SW 6
South Ronaldsay, Windwick, Cairns O' The Bu 9521 South Ronaldsay, Windwick, Cairns O' The Bu Broch (Iron Age), Midden(S) (Period Unassigned), Pit (Period Unassigned), Quarry (Period Unknown), Roundhouse (Prehistoric), Settlement (Iron Age), Souterrain (Prehistoric)(Possible), Structure(S) (Period Unassigned), Animal Remains(S), Carved Object, Mount(S) (Antler), Pot (Neolithic), Rotary Quern, Spindle Whorl(S) ND48NE 14
South Uist, Usinish Bay 10144 South Uist, Usinish Bay Roundhouse (Prehistoric), Unidentified Pottery NF83SE 2
South Uist, Usinish, Scalavat 1 10152 South Uist, Usinish, Scalavat 1 Roundhouse (Iron Age), Souterrain (Iron Age) NF83SW 3
South Uist, Usinish 10153 South Uist, Usinish Building (Period Unknown)(Possible), Cave (Period Unknown), Enclosure (Period Unknown)(Possible), Hut (Post Medieval), Roundhouse (Iron Age) NF83SW 4
South Uist, Usinish 10154 South Uist, Usinish Enclosure(S) (Medieval) - (Post Medieval), Hut(S) (Medieval) - (Post Medieval), Pen(S) (Medieval) - (Post Medieval), Roundhouse (Prehistoric) NF83SW 5
South Uist, Uamh Ghrantaich 10155 South Uist, Uamh Ghrantaich Roundhouse (Prehistoric)(Possible), Souterrain (Iron Age), Wheelhouse (Iron Age) NF83SW 6
North Uist, Clachan, Cringraval 10262 North Uist, Clachan, Cringraval Chambered Cairn (Neolithic)(Possible), Marker Cairn (Modern), Roundhouse (Prehistoric)(Possible), Shieling Hut(S) (Post Medieval) NF86SW 21