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Field Visit

Date 14 October 1963

Event ID 991612

Category Recording

Type Field Visit


Centred at NO 1362 1999 this fort is generally as described and planned by Feachem (1963), Christison (1900) and Wainwright (1955). The dun-like structure described by Feachem consisting for most of its perimeter of a grassy scarp 2.0m maximum height on the south save on the west side where there is a bank with a maximum internal height of 0.5m and a maximum external height of 1.0m. Part of the East side, which may have contained the entrance, is very badly mutilated. Four slightly hollowed hut circles with an average diameter of 8.0m can be discerned in the interior and there are faint traces of a fifth 3.5m in diameter; their entrances are not apparent. Most of the smaller circles planned by Christison cannot now be discerned.

The dun-like structure lies within a larger enclosure 175.0m East to West by 100.0m North to South, the perimeter of which is shewn mostly by the scarping of the natural slopes though fragmentary remains of a rampart and evidence of of stony construction are to be seen here and there. It is best preserved on the East where the outward facing scarp is up to 1.0m high. The entrance is in the SE approached by a terraced way up the natural slope from the East.

To the West the course of an outer rampart can be traced ... traced along the edge of what appears to be a natural terrace. The hillside below this has several natural terraces.

Adjoining the fort on the North an area 115.0m East to West by 80.0m North to South is enclosed by the remains of a stony rampart at best about 1.0m high but in many places consisting only of a scarping of the natural slopes. To the NW of this area there are indications of the triangular annex shown on Wainright's plan. No trace could be found of the Northern extension of the most Westerly rampart shown on the same plan due to a thick tree covering here. Most of the entire site has been reafforested.

Revised at 1/2500.

Visited by OS (R D L) 14 October 1963.

Sources: Christison 1900; Feachem 1963; Wainwright 1955.

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