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Specialist Report

Date 24 April 2002

Event ID 932319

Category Documentary Reference

Type Specialist Report


Categories of objects recovered from the Swan (1641-1653):

Silver: Coins (mostly corroded beyond identification)

Pewter: Charger; flagons; bottle screw-cap

Brass: Pistol lock-plate; buckles; navigator's dividers; kettle.

Lead: Musket shot; roughened 'burr' shot; window leadings; merchants' weights.

Iron: Small cast-iron gun (? falcon drake); roundshot; various concretions.

Ceramics: Brick and tile; Frechen stoneware; tin-glazed wares; glazed red earthenware; crogan; clay pipes (inc. 'NW' stamped heels from Newcastle); 'ballast' wares (i.e. probably not indigenous to the ship) including Iberian and ?French ceramics.

Glass: Fragments of window-glass.

Stone: Grindstone; small whetstone.

Wood: Powder cartridges ('apostles'); parrel spacer and truck; rigging blocks; sheaves; dead-eyes; decorative carvings; stave-built tankard and lids; stave-built costrel; barrel components; turned bowls; plate; spoon; lantern components; brush head; framed and panelled doors; framed panelling; turned embellishments; pump components; binnacle remains; mariner's compasses; chest; truck carriage; gunport lids; case shot carcass.

Leather: Shoes and fragmentary items.

Textile and fibre: Various textile fragments; rope.

Bone: Human bones (evidently from 1 individual); butchered animal bones.

Environmental: Ballast samples (stone, shingle, clay); dunnage; bilge samples; coal and peat.

Composite: 2 swords; bone-handled knife; pocket watch.

Information from Dr P Martin, 24 April 2002.

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