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Field Visit

Date 21 March 1995

Event ID 1111408

Category Recording

Type Field Visit


There are three hut-circles, a burnt mound, and a field-system and small cairns on a heather-covered hill to the E of Blairmore.

The three hut-circles lie on a terrace on the E of the hill. One of the huts (ROG95 415) is much smaller than the other two; oval on plan, it measures about 5m from WNW to ESE by 4m transversely within a stony bank spread to 2.5m in thickness and up to 0.5m in height with an entrance in the ESE. The other two are both about 10m in diameter. The wall of the E hut-circle (ROG95 417) are up to 3.2m thick anf 1m high; there is a probable entrance gap on the SSE and a second gap on the NW. The W hut-circle (ROG95 416) comprises a stony bank 2.4m thick and 0.5m high; the entrance lies on the ESE and there is a water-filled hollow in the centre of the interior.

The burnt mound lies a short distance to the E (ROG95 419, NC 7474 0422) on the opposite side of the track from the hut-circles. Set against the slope of the hill, the oval-shaped mound measures 6.2m from N to S by 4.5m transversely and 1m in height. There is no trough visible, but there are exposures of burnt, shattered small stones in the body of the mound.

The spread of small cairns (ROG95 418) extends in a strip about 100m wide over the whole of the hill from the road at the W to the track in the E, a distance of 300m. The cairns are up to 5m across by 0.5m high with occasional banks of stone visible, especially where the heather is burnt off.

(ROG95 415-419)

Visited by RCAHMS (PJD) 21 March 1995

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