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Archive from archaeological investigations in the Scottish Borders council area

551 30/25

Description Archive from archaeological investigations in the Scottish Borders council area

Collection CFA Archaeology Ltd

Catalogue Number 551 30/25

Category All Other

Scope and Content This archive related to a watching brief carried out at Caerlee, Innerleithen, during removal of spoil from a ditch (partr of a scheduled monument) following construction work. There are 12 sheets of text and 1 film strip with 5 contact prints, with negatives.


Collection Hierarchy - Group Level

Collection Level (551 30) CFA Archaeology Ltd

> Group Level (551 30/25) Archive from archaeological investigations in the Scottish Borders council area

Preview Category Catalogue Number Title Date Level
Manuscripts MS 726/53 Borders Regional Council Water and Drainage Services - Jedburgh Sewage Treatment Works New Outfall: Archaeological Investigations Excavation Report. November 1992. 1992 Item Level
Manuscripts MS 726/80 Data structure report (no.263) of survey and excavations at Edin's Hall, Berwickshire, 1996. 1996 Item Level
Manuscripts MS 726/72 Report (no. 241) of Trial Excavations in the vicinity of Mensie Potts 1995 Item Level
All Other 551 30/25/11 Archive from watching brief, South Bridge House, Whinfield House, Selkirk 6/2010 Sub-Group Level
Manuscripts MS 1081/14 Roman Camps at Newstead, Archaeological Watching Brief during water supply trench construction, Data Structure Report, commissioned by Mr Mark Gibson 4/2001 Item Level
Manuscripts MS 726/182 Report (No. 494) on a watching brief at Drochil Castle Farm (Vodafone Ltd cell site 5425), near Romanno bridge, Scottish Borders - extension of existing mast site 8/1999 Item Level
Manuscripts MS 1177/14 Report on archaeological mitigation works, archaeological field survey stages 1 and 2, Crystal Rig Windfarm, Northern Access Route, Scottish Borders, by Andrew Dunwell. 10/2002 Item Level
Manuscripts MS 1177/15 Data structure report, archaeological evaluation, Eckford Road, Eckford, Jedburgh, Scottish Borders, by Ian Suddaby. 8/2002 Item Level
Manuscripts MS 1177/16 Data structure report, archaeological evaluaton, Rings Plantation, Kirk Yetholm, Scottish Borders, by Ian Suddaby. 11/2002 Item Level
Manuscripts MS 1177/17 Data structure report, archaeological watching brief, Dryburgh Estate, St Boswells, Scottish Borders, by Ian Suddaby. 10/2002 Item Level
Manuscripts MS 1687 Report: Caerlee Hill, Innerleithen, Scottish Borders. Archaeological Watching Brief. 13/8/2003 Item Level
Manuscripts MS 1688 Report: Hawick Future Water Treatment Scheme. Archaeological Desk-based Assessment and Walkover Survey. 16/7/2003 Item Level
All Other 551 30/25/77 Archive from an historic buildings appraisal at Moor House, Drone Hill, Coldingham. 2011 Sub-Group Level
Manuscripts MS 2033 Report: Dreva Hill, near Broughton, Archaeological Watching Brief. 1/2004 Item Level
Manuscripts MS 2034 Report: Linton Hill, Kirk Yetholm, Scottish Borders Region. Archaeological Watching Brief. Data Structure Report. 2/2004 Item Level
Manuscripts MS 2035 Report: Brunty Cottages, near Spottiswoode, Scottish Borders. Historic Building Survey. 5/2004 Item Level
Manuscripts MS 2423 Report: South Myrescroft, Ancrum, Scottish Borders. Archaeological evaluation by CFA Archaeology Ltd. 4/2005 Item Level
Manuscripts MS 2548 Report: Huntshaw farm steading, Earlston. Historic building survey by CFA Archaeology Ltd. 9/2005 Item Level
Manuscripts MS 726/98 A1 Lemington to Howburn Archaeological Evaluation (Report no. 303). Item Level
Manuscripts MS 726/189 St Leonard's by Lauder, Scottish Borders, Geophysical Survey (report No 534), by Tim Neighbour, April 2000. 2000 Item Level
Manuscripts MS 1081/51 Data Structure Report on Archaeological Watching Brief, Roman Camps at Newstead by Melrose, Scottish Borders, by Callum Mitchell, April 2001 (code BEME) 4/2001 Item Level
Manuscripts MS 1081/29 Watching Brief Data Structure Report, Housing Development at Fisher's Brae, Coldingham, Scottish Borders, CFA Report no. 671, by George Mudie, September 2001 2001 Item Level
Manuscripts MS 1081/37 Archaeological Evaluation, St Leonard's by Lauder, Scottish Borders, CFA Report no. 695, by George Mudie, January 2002 2002 Item Level
Manuscripts MS 1135/27 Data structure report of geophysical survey of Old Melrose, Scottish Borders. 12/2001 Item Level

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