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A fortified site in which a gun, mortar or cannon is positioned.

Machine Gun Emplacement (Non-Preferred)


Related Terms

Term Note
ARTILLERY FORTIFICATION A fortified structure containing purpose built emplacements for artillery pieces.
BLOCKHOUSE A detached fort covering a strategic point.
GUN CREW ACCOMMODATION A building located close to gun emplacements in order to allow gun crews to respond quickly in emergencies. Unlike other forms of military camp accommodation, usually simple timber huts, the gun crew accommodation was constructed in brick and concrete, with thick walls, flat roofs and, where necessary, entrances and windows protected by blast walls.
PILLBOX An often squat building with thick, loopholed walls and a flat roof, designed to accommodate a variety of weapons, usually strategically positioned to cover a vulnerable point in a defensive system.
SPIGOT MORTAR MOUNTING A concrete pedestal, or 'thimble', which was used to mount a spigot mortar. Deployed by the Home Guard during WWII as an anti-invasion measure. Linked Data resource