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A mill in which the machinery is driven by water power.


Related Terms

Term Note
LADE An artificial channel carrying water from a stream or river to a water mill.
MILL DAM A dam constructed across a stream to raise its water-level and make it available to power a mill wheel.
MILL POND The area of water retained behind a mill dam for driving a mill.
TAIL RACE An artificial channel, sometimes underground, that carries water from a waterwheel back to the river or stream from which it was diverted by a LADE.
WATER WHEEL A device for tapping the energy of running or falling water by means of a set of paddles mounted around a wheel. Used as a source of power in watermills and water powered factories.
WATER WHEEL HOUSE A building to house waterwheels, attached to a WATERMILL or water-powered factory.
WEIR A dam constructed on a canal or river or stream, designed to retain the water and regulate its flow. Linked Data resource