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Image Canmore ID Site Name Classification Site Number
Semblister 755 Semblister Leaf Arrowhead(S) HU35SW 12
Brae Of Muckquoy 1983 Brae Of Muckquoy Cist(S) (Period Unassigned), Settlement (Prehistoric), Leaf Arrowhead (Prehistoric), Mace (Stone)(Prehistoric), Unidentified Flint(S) (Flint), Unidentified Pottery (Prehistoric) HY31NE 13
2074 Hill Of Heddle Leaf Arrowhead(S) HY31SE 23
Rousay, Nearhouse 2669 Rousay, Nearhouse Knife, Leaf Arrowhead, Polished Axehead HY42NW 9
9134 Ackergill Links Disc(S) (Shale), Leaf Arrowhead(S) (Flint), Ring(S) (Bronze) ND35NW 8
Carn Baile Nan Gordonach 14958 Carn Baile Nan Gordonach Field System (Period Unassigned), Hut Circle (Prehistoric), Leaf Arrowhead(S) (Flint) NH82NW 6
15347 Littleferry Axehead (Stone), Leaf Arrowhead(S) (Flint) NH89NW 22
Upper Manbeen 16070 Upper Manbeen Leaf Arrowhead (Flint), Spindle Whorl, Unidentified Flint(S) (Flint) NJ15NE 11
2142 Stenness Axehead (Chert), Barbed And Tanged Arrowhead(S) (Flint), Leaf Arrowhead(S) (Flint), Lithic Implement (Flint) HY31SW 53
Rousay, Bigland 2710 Rousay, Bigland Leaf Arrowhead (Flint) HY43SW 14
Eday, Dale 3220 Eday, Dale Leaf Arrowhead (Flint) HY53SW 5
Lewis, Ness, Moss Of Dhibadail 4367 Lewis, Ness, Moss Of Dhibadail Leaf Arrowhead NB46SE 10
Kinvonvie 5430 Kinvonvie Findspot (19th Century), Barbed And Tanged Arrowhead(S) (Flint), Leaf Arrowhead(S) (Flint) NC60NW 16
Dola 5476 Dola Findspot (19th Century) - (20th Century), Leaf Arrowhead (Flint) NC60NW 9
Sordale Hill 8519 Sordale Hill Barbed And Tanged Arrowhead(S) (Flint), Core(S) (Stone), Flake(S) (Flint), Leaf Arrowhead(S) (Flint), Lithic Implement(S) (Flint) ND16SE 22
Freswick, Midtown 9267 Freswick, Midtown Leaf Arrowhead (Quartz), Worked Object(S) (Flint) ND36NE 16
10424 North Uist, Loch Obisary Leaf Arrowhead (Chert) NF96SW 12
Skye, Uiginish 10810 Skye, Uiginish Leaf Arrowhead (Flint) NG24NW 1
Boath 12974 Boath Knife (Flint), Leaf Arrowhead NH57SE 6
14634 Cyderhall Farm Roundhouse (Prehistoric), Souterrain (Prehistoric), Flake (Flint), Leaf Arrowhead (Flint), Unidentified Pottery NH78NE 28
15863 Moy Barbed And Tanged Arrowhead(S) (Flint), Leaf Arrowhead(S) (Flint) NJ05NW 80
15951 Glen Avon Barbed And Tanged Arrowhead (Flint), Leaf Arrowhead (Flint), Point (Bone) NJ10NW 1
15987 Glen Brown Barbed And Tanged Arrowhead(S) (Flint), Leaf Arrowhead(S) (Flint), Lithic Implement(S) (Flint) NJ12SW 9
Leakin 16051 Leakin Leaf Arrowhead (Flint) NJ14SE 16