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Architecture Notes

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Architect: George Burn 1801-1804

Archibald Simpson, repairs, 1831


Scottish Record Office:

Gordon Castle Muniments (183 & 184, a/cs 1805-1818

Letter to D of Gordon from Wn Shaw, architect, Glasgow, 11th July 1801 recommending himself as overseer for building the Spey bridge. "The deceased Mr Alexr Stevens amd I having done more in this way (building large and difficult bridges) than any I know.

Undertook building of Glasgow New Bridge & 30 more in this country, 3 large in Ireland. Head agent & resident engineer of 25 miles of canal in england to include 107 bridge & aquducts.

Memorial respecting new bridge over River Spey at Fochabers. Work of the bridge begun in 1801 & early 1802 a contract was entered between the Duke and Messrs Burn, Architects building the bridge at the sum of #11.000.

Fochabers 24th Feb 1804. Compeared George Burn, architect, residing in Fochabers, and exhibited a contract entereed into betwixt the Duke and him and James Burn, architect, brother dated May & June 1802 for buidling a bridge over the River Spey on the line of the military post road near Fochabers agreable to the sketch proposed. Duke undertook to pay the said George & James Burn the sum of #11,700 for buidling and finishing the bridge.

George Burn gives his opinion as to probable cost to make approaches.

Scottish Record Office:

Papers concerning the financing of the project.

[Architect George Burn (working 1797-1817)]

1800-06 GD 44/sec 42/4/Bundle 35

Letters, accounts, receipts and work sheets.

Architect George Burn [working 1997-1817]

1803-04 GD 44/sec 51/Bundle 389

Letters, receipts and estimates for iron bridge.

George Burn, architect, is bankrupt and Thomas Sellar has become the Trustee of funds for payments.

1803-05 GD 44/sec 51/Bundle 389

Report on the completed bridge.

Discharge, amounting to #13,516.14. 7.

Request from the Treasury for an account of the #6,000 granted towards the cost.

1805-07 GD 44/sec 51/Bundle 389

Rebuilding the Bridge of Spey.

Estimated cost is #4,103.

The central span of the stone bridge is to be replaced by a timber arch.

Architect: Archibald Simpson [1790-1847].

Petitions, Acts of Parliament, minutes, letters, specifications, estimates and contract with leslie and Minto, contarctors.

1829-36 GD 44/sec 53/Box 1

Repair of the piers of the Bridge of Spey.


1844 GD 44/sec 43/Bundle 233.

(Undated) information in NMRS.

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