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Architecture Notes

Event ID 770345

Category Descriptive Accounts

Type Architecture Notes


NT73SW 5.00 71110 34670 Floors Castle

NT73SW 5.01 7110 3467 Garden

NT73SW 5.02 708 342 Formal Garden

NT73SW 5.03 70593 34907 Kennels

NT73SW 5.04 70753 34985 Home Farm

NT73SW 5.05 72199 34419 Lodges

NT73SW 5.06 707 345 Formal Garden

NT73SW 5.07 70593 34907 Icehouse

NT73SW 5.08 71355 34380 Holly Tree

For pond, see NT63SE 38.

(NT 7110 3467) Floors Castle (NAT)

OS 6" map, (1938).

OWNER: Duke of Roxburghe

ARCHITECT: William Adam, 1718

Robert Adam, 1772 - 1777 - different designs for a new house. Possibly additions to the 1718 house

William Playfair, 1839 - alterations and additions

Reginald Fairlie, 1929 - entrance gates and lodges

Information from Architecture Catalogue slips:


Drawing in Edinburgh University Library Playfair Collection

'No 627 13th Feb 1845.' Shows chimney-piece as in Christies photographs but omits caryatids and central tablet. Also detail drawings for profiles and mouldings at full size.

Letter in Playfair Letter Book Edinburgh University Library 26th Feb 1845

W H Playfair to the Duke of Roxburghe

'Sent sketches for proposed chimney piece for large drawing room' (to be of white marble and curvilinear like those in other rooms)

'To make a variety however and to stamp upon this chimneypiece a superior excellence I have introduced two female figures as Caryatids supporting the shelf - as these, however, to be worthy of the room must be respectable works of art, I have sought and obtained a cast of a figure done in Thorvaldsen's studio by some pupil and probably under his eye. I have it from young Ritchie a sculptor who studied under Thorvaldsen and is very clever.'

If Duke approves, Ritchie to be asked to make a model and then cut the figures. Probably cost (pounds)300.

'The shelf will project considerably from the wall and is kept low so as to form a capital place for a French Clock and any other ornamental objects'

The marble work of the chimney-piece was made by David Ness of Edinburgh. Ritchie only cut the figures and tablet.


Albert ... made a Baroque plaster ceiling for Floors - rejected by the Duke or Factor, it was installed in the Bank of Scotland on the Mound.



Playfair Collection 1837 630 sheets (P. 27, 28, 29)

Floors West Lodge 31 sheets


- Border Magazine, June 1897 - 3 photographs

- Scots Magazine, January 1810 - 1 engraving


Kelso, Floors Castle

A note of what was 'sighted in the house of the Floores' by Sir Andrew Ker of Greinheid, Andrew Ker of Chatto, Andrew Ker of Maisondew and Alexander Don, Clerk of Kelso, for William, Earl of Roxburgh.

Report on the condition of the house and its furnishing.

1650 GD 220/6/501/34

Letter from Henry McGie in Dumfries to [ - ].

He has heard that the Duke of Roxburgh has built a magnificent palace. He understand that the recipient of his letter has the ordering of its finishing and painting so he asks if he might be employed.

1724 GD 205/Box37/portfolio77

William Adam, architect, writes to Sir John Clerk that he has been ordered by the Duke of Roxburgh 'to attend at Floors'.

1726 GD 18/4729/2


Soane Museum Drawings - Adam Collection

Vol. 37 Nos. 12 - 16 7 prints: plans and elevations of 1st design

Nos. 17 - 23 12 prints: plans and elevations of 2nd design

Nos. 24 - 28 5 prints: plans and elevations of 3rd design

Nos. 29 - 30 2 prints: plans and elevations of 2 designs for lodge and gates

Vol. 46 Nos.174 - 176 3 prints: plans and elevation of Porter's Lodge

Vol. 51 No. 93 1 print of gateway in castle syle

Vitruvius Scoticus, Pl.48 and 49 2 prints: plans and elevation

Copies of drawings at Floors Castle:

W.H. Playfair, 1837 - 43 26 photographs: plans, sections, elevations of kitchen court etc. and house as existing


- Country Life, May 11th and 18th, 1978 - text, photographs

- John Geddie, 'Historic Houses of the UK', 1891, page 31 - text, illustration and plan

The following references are listed in the NMRS database Bibliography:


- Guide book to Floors Castle (Anon., c.1960) for use by visitors: text, photographs.

(A later enlarged edition, post-1965, is also held)

- Articles by Shiela Forman

Note: There is another article by Shiela Forman in Scottish Field, October 1947 not held in NMRS


- Catalogue No.25. Sale Catalogue. FLOORS CASTLE. Sale held on 17th September 1990 by Christies Scotland. Auction held on the premises by instruction of the Duke of Roxburgh. Sale was of 'items surplus to requirements and included Furniture, Chimneypieces, Pictures, Porcelain, Silver and Textiles.' Also objects of art and prints.

Catalogue illustrated with colour and blakc and white photographs.

(266 x 211)

- 'The Scottish Border: A Memorial of Her Majesty's Visit to the District, August 1867'

Contains description of castle in 1867

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