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Publication Account

Date 2007

Event ID 587543

Category Descriptive Accounts

Type Publication Account



NO/4593 1321

This probable broch in Cameron is situated on top of a rock ridge at 712 ft OD (Illus. 10.06 and 10.07); the remains are almost circular and measure about 14.0m in diameter within a wall varying from 4.8m to 5.0m in width. The outer face of the wall is traceable for the greater part of the circuit, and is composed of roughly dressed blocks with up to three courses remaining on the north-west (Illus. 10.06). The inner face is visible in a few places, notably in the south-east. No intra-mural chambers are visible, but parts of the side walls of the entrance passage and a displaced lintel slab (Illus. 10.07) are exposed in the eastern arc. The passage is full of rubble but appears to have been up to 1.6m wide. A door-check is visible in one side. Overlying the wall on the west is a large modern cairn and, on the south-east, an OS triangulation pillar. Below the tumbled wall on the west is a small sub-oval enclosure of uncertain, but not recent, date, and several field banks of similar construction. A plan (unpublished) has been prepared by the RCAHMS.

Sources: 1. NMRS site no. NO 41 SE 4: 2. Feachem 1963, 164: 3. MacInnes 1985.

E W MacKie 2007

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