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Publication Account

Date 2007

Event ID 587128

Category Descriptive Accounts

Type Publication Account



NG/3726 7161

Possible broch in Kilmuir, Skye, consisting of a turf-covered mound on a flat-topped rocky knoll; the height above OD is about 30m. The structure itself is badly ruined having evidently been robbed of stone for a recent settlement at the base of the crag. A few facing stones of the outer face are visible, giving an overall diameter of 17.4m [1], or 57 ft [2], or 18.4m [4]. The side of a possible doorway to a mural gallery can be seen on the west [4, plan]. There is no trace of the entrance on the north side noted by the Royal Commission [1].

A late rectangular building sits on top of the mound. An outer stone wall, from 2.4-3.2m wide, runs round the edge of the knoll; it encloses an area measuring 44.0m north-south by 22.0m trans-versely. It cannot be asserted that this wall is contemporary with the broch [4].

Sources: 1. NMRS site no. NG 37 SE 4: 2. RCAHMS 1928, 176, no. 564: 3. MacSween 1984-85, 45, no. 30 and fig. 30: 4. Swanson (ms) 1985, 817-18 and plan.

E W MacKie 2007

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