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Photograph Album No.133: The Mackays of Upper Gray Street, 1903-1938 Dark green hard backed album, the front decorated and titled 'POSTCARDS', the end papers of coloured jugendstijl pattern and labell ...

PA 133

Description Photograph Album No.133: The Mackays of Upper Gray Street, 1903-1938 Dark green hard backed album, the front decorated and titled 'POSTCARDS', the end papers of coloured jugendstijl pattern and labelled inside the back 'Marshall 6 Salisbury Place Edinr.' (listed there in 1903). 75 green pages slotted to hold at least 4 postcards each side. Most spaces are filled with unused postcards grouped topographically mainly of Scotland and the north of England. Also 3 woven silk cards of 1908 and 1911 exhibitions. A few unused cards reveal that this is probably a travel record of the MacKay family at 29 (and later 3) Upper Gray Street, Edinburgh. It also includes eight post cards in a series produced by the Scottish National Antarctic Expedition, 1903/4 on SY "Scotia" which show, 1. Capt Robertson and Mr Fitchie fixing Scotia's position; 2. Scotia sledge camp, S. Orkneys 1903; 3. Saddle Island, S. Orkneys where Capt. Weddell (Leith) landed 1823, and Scotia naturalists in 1903; 4. Ringed penguins - first arrivals at MacDougall Bay, S. Orkneys 1903; 8. Dr RNR Brown, Mr D Walton and Dr THH Pirie in Scotia's laboratory; 9. Mr RC Mossman and Scottish party at Omond House, Jessie Bay, built by the crew if the Scotia 1903/4; 11 Glacier ice-face on Pirie peninsula, Brown's Bay, S. Orkneys; 12. Scotia frozen up, wintering in Scotia Bay, March-November 1903. [Nos. 5,6,7,and 10 are nt present.] Other post cards show the Royal Review 1905; a series of portraits of Admirals (Nelson, Hardie, Collingwood, Duncan and Napier); Actors (Edward Compton, Lewis Waller, Martin Harvey, JG Taylor, Holbrook Blane, Pauline Chase, Nora Lancaster, Miss N de Silva, Miss Coleridge, Bessie Elder, Lily Brayton and Mr and Mrs Laurence Irving -Mabel Hackney) and scenes from plays "The Breed of the Treshams", "The Only Way", "The Unwritten Law", "A Cigarette Maker's Romance" and "Hamlet".

Date 1903 to 1938

Collection General Collection. Photograph Albums.

Catalogue Number PA 133

Category All Other

Copies PA 133/14V, PA 133/14/4, PA 133/21, PA 133/31/1, PA 133/31/2, PA 133/31V, PA 133/60V/1, PA 133/23/2, PA 133/62V/1, PA 133/62V/2, PA 133/62V/3, PA 133/62V/4, PA 133/63/1, PA 133/63/2, PA 133/63/3, PA 133/63/4, PA 133/63V/1, PA 133/63V/2, PA 133/63V/3, PA 133/63V/4, PA 133/22V/2, PA 133/18V/1, PA 133/20/2, PA 133/20/3, PA 133/19V/2, PA 133/18/1, PA 133/18/4, PA 133/17V/3, PA 133/17V/4, PA 133/17/2, PA 133/17/3, PA 133/17/1, PA 133/17V/1, PA 133/20/1, PA 133/18V/3, PA 133/18V/2, PA 133/18V/4, PA 133/19/1, PA 133/19/2, PA 133/19/3, PA 133/19V/1, PA 133/23/1, PA 133/23/3, PA 133/23/4, PA 133/28/1, PA 133/28//2, PA 133/23V/1, PA 133/23V/2, PA 133/23V/4, PA 133/23V/3, PA 133/24/1, PA 133/24/2, PA 133/24/3, PA 133/33, PA 133/33/3, PA 133/35/3V, PA 133/71/3V, PA 133/2/3, PA 133/21V/1, PA 133/21V/3, PA 133/21V/4, PA 133/22/1, PA 133/74/1, PA 133/25, PA 133/27/2, PA 133/11V, PA 133/15V, PA 133/22/2, PA 133/21/V/3, PA 133/6/1, PA 133/6/2, PA 133/7/1, PA 133/6V/2, PA 133/14V/1, PA 133/40V/1, PA 133/74/2, PA 133/74/3, PA 133/74/V/4, PA 133/1V/3, PA 133/8V/4, PA 133/12V/4, PA 133/17V/2, PA 133/16V/2, PA 133/12V/1, PA 133/5/3, PA 133/8V/3, PA 133/7/3, PA 133/8V/2, PA 133/9/1, PA 133/9/4, PA 133/12/3, PA 133/12V/2, PA 133/44V, PA 133/8V/1, PA 133/16V/1, PA 133/19/4, PA 133/9/2, PA 133/9/3, PA 133/8/4, PA 133/13/1, PA 133/13/4, PA 133/74V/1, PA 133/74V/2, PA 133/22/4, PA 133/7V/1, PA 133/12/1, PA 133/13/3, PA 133/11V/4, PA 133/7V/4, PA 133/7V/3, PA 133/6V/3, PA 133/2/4, PA 133/13V/2, PA 133/13V/3, PA 133/13V/1, PA 133/75V/2, PA 133/7V/2, PA 133/1V/2, PA 133/75/4, PA 133/6V/1, PA 133/6V/4, PA 133/73V/1, PA 133/32/1, PA 133/32V/4, PA 133/32V/1, PA 133/32/3, PA 133/32/1/3, PA 133/32V/2, PA 133/22V/3, PA 133/35V/2, PA 133/58/1, PA 133/58/2, PA 133/58/3, PA 133/58/4, PA 133/58V/1, PA 133/58V/2, PA 133/58V/3, PA 133/58V/4, PA 133/59/2, PA 133/59/3, PA 133/59/4, PA 133/59V/1, PA 133/59V/2, PA 133/59/1, PA 133/61/1, PA 133/57V/1, PA 133/57V/2, PA 133/57V/3, PA 133/55V/1, PA 133/55V/2, PA 133/56V/1, PA 133/56V/2, PA 133/56V/3, PA 133/57/1, PA 133/57/2, PA 133/57/3, PA 133/57/4, PA 133/61/3, PA 133/35V/1, PA 133/61/2, PA 133/41V/1, PA 133/25V/2, PA 133/25V/4, PA 133/41, PA 133/40V/3, PA 133/34V, PA 133/42V/4, SC 1226210, PA 133/42V/1, PA 133/42V/2, PA 133/42V/3, PA 133/43/1, PA 133/43/2, PA 133/43/3, PA 133/43/4

Accession Number 1991/5


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