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Journal of A O Curle (RCAHMS). Sutherland I.

SC 2163457

222 / 302

Description Journal of A O Curle (RCAHMS). Sutherland I.

Date 15/5/1909 to 30/7/1909

Collection Records of the Royal Commission on the Ancient and Historical Monuments of Scotland (RCAHMS), Edinbu

Catalogue Number SC 2163457

Category On-line Digital Images

Scope and Content Daily journal with a detailed account of fieldwork in Sutherland, illustrated with sketches and photographs. Indexed by Curle. Quotation from R L Stevenson at the start. Arrived with wife Jocelyn in Lairg 14 May in snow, staying in hotel at SE end of Loch Shin, whence left in open vehicle for Altnaharra the following day. Loose material included. 15 May page 2 Klibreck hut circle & cairns; p3 Klibreck enclosure, cross-slab and chapel; 16 May p4 hut circles Loch Naver (Inv no 197) (also p18) 17 May p5 broch at Grummore; p6 Grumbeg cross-slabs; p7 Grumbeg hut circles; p8 deserted settlements Curle remarks that the [hut circles and cairnsare too numerous to catalogue all of them]; Dun Creagach broch (photograph); 18 May p10 hut circle Loch Naver (Inv no 199); p11 cairns and hut circles near Loch Coire nam Feuran; 19 May p15 Dun Dornaigil broch (photographs); p18 cairns and hut circles Atnaharra/Meall a' Gob Mor; 20 May p20 hut circles and a mill stone at the east end of Loch Naver; p21 Loch Naver hut circle/broch; p22 Cnoc na Gamha; p23 possible kilns; p24 hut circles and cairns Allt a'Bhealaich; p25 hut circles & cairns Trudescaig; p26 Truderscaig township; 21 May p26 numerous hut circles and cairns on the E side of Strath Naver; p30 hut circles & cairns on the W side of the river S of Syre; 22 May p32 Langdale broch; p33 Langdale symbol stone and hollowed stone; p34 excavated chamber of a cairn at Skail; p35 Inshlampie broch; p36 Syre ringwork; Dun Chealamy broch; p37 cairns & hut circles nr Dun Chalamy; p39 Dun Carnachaidh broch. 24 May p39 Fiscary cairns; p42 Fiscary hut circles; p43 structures on gravel terrace at Bettyhill, Baile Mhargaite; p44 Sandy dun broch Baile Mhargaite; p45 fragment of beaker; 25 May p45 Skelpick and Dun Viden broch; p47 possible stone circle nr Dun Viden; p48 Skelpick Burn cairns and small enclosures; 26 May p51 cup-marked stones nr Torrisdale (Inv no 540); p52 earth-house Skerray Mains (Inv no 537); Dun Torrisdale; p53 Baile Mhargaite; 27 May p53 Skelpick broch; p54 Skelpick chambered cairn & cairn; p55 Skelpick long cairn; (photograph); p56 Allt an Duin broch; p57 Dail na Drochade hut circles; p58 Coille na Borgie cairns; p59 Armadale Burn broch (Inv no 190); 28 May p60 Altnabourin earth-house & hut circle; p61 Achcoillenaborgie broch; p62 small cairns & hut circles along the Borgie; p63 Cracknie earth-house & nearby hut circles; 30 May p65 Tongue House; 31 May p66 cairns nr Melness House; p67 cairn between Lochs Craggie and Laoghil. 1 June p68 revisits Strathnaver, Acheargarry cairn and nearby small cairns; p70 Coille na Borgie chambered cairn (2 photographs); p72 Loch Crocach hut circle; p73 Caisteal Bharraich; 2 June p74 Grianan rectangular building; cup-and-ring marked boulder Lochan Hakel; p75 cup-marked boulder Kinloch; Dun Mhaigh; p77 Kinloch cairns (Inv no 539); p78 Loch Loyal kerb cairn; Ben Loyal hut circle (Inv no 535); p79 Uaigh Dhiarmaid; Ribigill souterrain; (photo of Ben Loyal); 3 June p80 Ach an Duin building and broch; hut circle Loch Creagach (Inv no 161); p81 Camus an Duin broch; p82 Eriboll souterrain; Eriboll hut circle; p83 large cairns S of Durness (Inv nos 163-5); p84 cairn at Sarsgrum; cairn Cnoc nan Ceannan (Inv no 166); p85 Balnakeil House (photograph); 4 June p85 Seanachaisteal fort; p86 Balnakeil church & gravestones, font; 5 June p88 Badnabay cairn; 6 June p90 Handa island; Badcall church (sketch outline of early cross but no mention in text or in Inv); p91 Cnoc an Daimh cairn; 7 June p92 An Dun broch; p93 Kylestrome cairn; p94 cairn and standing stone (Inv no 171); hut circles Allt Ardbhair (Inv no 8); p95 An Dun broch Loch Ardbhair; p96 ancient graveyard beside Loch Ardbhair; 8 june p98 Oldany Island graveyard; p99 Clashnessie dun; p100 Rubh an Dunan dun; p101 barb and tanged flint arrowhead in possession of schoolmasterat Stoer, used as charm; Oldany Island structure; Clashtoll broch; 9 June p105 site of chapel at Feardain (Inv no 20); 10 June p106 Inchnadamph burial vault (Inv no 1); enclosure (Inv no 18); Ardvreck Castle (photograph); 11 June p108 cairn at S end of Loch Awe (Inv no 10) (sketch plan); p109 Ledbeg River chambered cairn; Cam Loch chambered cairn; p110 Loch Borolan chambered cairns; p111 Altnacealgach Hotel cairn; Cnoc Chaornaidh; 14 June p113 The Ord cairns, North and South; p115 The Ord hut circles and cairns (sketch plans); p119 hut circles and cairns south of Lairg (photograph); p120 Lairg stone circle; p121 cairns & hut circles S of Lairg; 15 June p122 sites on The Ord; 16 June p128 Dail Langwell broch; p130 Achaneas broch; 17 June p131 Lairg Station; 18 June p133 Strath Fleet hut circles (sketch) and cairns; p135 Allt na Meirle broch; p136 cairns and hut circles Riemarstaig; p137 Dulaich hut circles (sketch); p139 Sydney House hut circles; 19 June p139 Colaboll hut circle; Murray Memorial at Shinness; Shinness hut circles; p140 broch at Shinness (Inv no 393); 22 June p142 cairns and hut circle Lairg Station (sketch plan); p144 'mounded enigmas'; 24 June p145 cairns N of Lairg Church (Inv no 419); p147 Saval; 25 June p148 Curle took on an assistant to help with measuring. Cairns near Lairg Lodge; p151 An t-Sron; 26 June p158 Sallachadh; 28 June p160 Balcharn; p161 Savalbeg (Inv no 458); p162 sites around Creag Saval; p163 Dalchork (sketch); 29 June p166 Feith Osdail; 30 June p168 cross-slab at Cladh a Chncain (sketch); p169 Caistel nan Corr; p170 hut circles at Durcha. p171 remains of broch at Durcha; 1 July p172 broch at Dalchork; p173 Dalnessie; 2 July p178 Achinduich stone circle (sketch); p180 Achinduich hut circle (Inv no 463); p181 Achany chambered cairn; p183 Achany cairns (Inv no 448); p184 Loch Shin iron slag (Inv no 463); 5 July p185 stone circle at Druim Baile fiur (Inv no 461 (sketch plan); p186 cairn (Inv no 450); hut circle (Inv no 411); 6 July p188 Dornoch Cathedral and effigy; p189 Dornoch Bishop's Palace; p189 Cnoc Odhar cairns & hut circle; p190 cairns near Achinael (Inv nos 117-118); p191 Achinael hut circles; 8 July p196 Clach a' Charra; cross-slab near Creich Church 'St Demhan's Cross'; Donald Mackenzie and his artefacts; 9 July p197 cup-marked stone at Dornoch Manse (sketch); p199 cairns and hut circles near Torboll; Carn Liath chambered cairn (sketches) & long cairn; p202 Carn Liath hut circle; 10 July p203 cairns in Strath Acha Bhataich; p204 Earl's Cross Dornoch (postcard); p205 cairn with cist nr Dornoch (Inv no 137); p206 Proncy Castle; p207 Harriet Plantation cairn; Skelbo Wood broch; p208 Skelbo Castle; 13 July p209 Camore Wood; 14 July p211 Clashmore chambered cairn (sketch); p212 Newton Point cairns & hut circles; p214 women with magical powers; 16 July p215 hut circle at the Mound; Kirkton souterrain (sketch plan); p218 Silver Rock; fieldwork with friend Cree; 17 July p220 Dunrobin beaker cist; Dunrobin Castle & symbol stone; p221 Dunrobin Museum; Carn Liath (photographs) 19 July p222 Aberscross cairn and lime kiln; p223 Creag Mhor cairns; p224 Aberscross hut-circle (sketch); p225 Aberscross cairns and hut circles; 20 July p227 Clashmore chambered cairn; p228 Clashmore cairn (sketch); p229 cairns & hut circles on Creag an Amalaidh (sketches); 21 July p232 Achnagarron sites; p234 Skiag (Blairmore) sites; 22 July p235 artefacts belonging to Mr Menzies; p236 Blarich; p238 Rossal; 23 July p239 Gablon clearance cairns (Inv no 60) p240 cairns at Spinningdale (Inv nos 81-2); p242 Kyleoag; 26 July p244 Resumed excavations at Achu (Achaidh); 27 July p248 Ledmore Wood; p249 Dun Creich; p251 Little Swordale (plans); 29 July p254 Langwell hut circles; p258 East Langwell cairnfield; 30 July p259 hut circles around Loch Farlary. Interleaved with index, a letter to Curle from Joseph Anderson, 1 June 1909, discusses 'serpentine constructions', Skelpick horned cairn, earth-houses. p12 sliver of postcard used as bookmark: 'disagreeable here with bitter wind the hotel is ghastly', not in Curle's hand. p50 Letter to Curle from Joseph Anderson, 25 May 1909, discusses 'serpentine cairns', Grumbeg cross-slab, p70 letter to Curle from Joseph Anderson, 26 June 1909, discusses pzzling construction mentioned by Curle, stone circles, hut circles. p70 photograph of Balnakeal graveyard, Durness. p114 ink sketch of standing stone setting. p128 letter to Curle from Joseph Anderson, 15 June 1909, Kylestrom 'broch', threat of OS removing names of antiquities from maps of Western isles. p176 very faded photograph of cairn p182 ink sketch and plan of chambered cairn at Achany, Lairg; pencil sketch with plane-table measurements, possibly of same endpapers: terse letter to Curle from A Gunn at the Manse at Durness, 28 May 1909.

Accession Number 2013/59


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