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Journal and clean copy of field notes by A O Curle (RCAHMS). Titled 'Caithness III'.

MS 36/19

Description Journal and clean copy of field notes by A O Curle (RCAHMS). Titled 'Caithness III'.

Date 10/8/1910 to 22/9/1910

Collection RCAHMS

Catalogue Number MS 36/19

Category Manuscripts

Scope and Content This contains a daily record and draft texts for the Inventory entries, indexed by Curle. Curle and 'J' (presumably Jocelyn, his second wife) resided at Thuster House outside Wick. By now Curle had hired a school teacher, Mr Weir, as his assistant in the field. Loose material interleaved in journal (in folder). Page 1 hut at Hill of Lieurary (Inv no123); long cairn Loch Calder Tulach an t'Sionnaich; p2 Tulloch of Assery cairns; p3 Westfield cairn (Inv no140); p4 Knockglass broch; St Trostan 'ta Westerdale; 11 August p5 holed stones at Shurrery (photograph); loose: letter to Curle from Joseph Anderson, dated 18 Aug 1910, concerning Caithness sites; p6 Shurrery cairn; p7 Shurrery standing stone & cairn (sketch plan); p8 remains of stone circle Shurrery (Inv no 381); footprint at Port-an-eilein (photograph); p9 possible cists at Shurrery; loose: letter to Curle from Donald Mackenzie, Bonar Bridge, dated 22 August 1910; p10 foundations near Shurrery Church; mound at Brawlbin (photograph); p11 long cairn at Brawlbin Sithean Mor; p12 Cnoc an Ratha fort; p13 Cnoc an Ratha cairn; p14 mound Achnabeinn; p15 Tulach Gorm; hut circle Loch Shurrery; p16 Carn Liath cairn; Tigh a Bheameach enclosure; 13 August p17 Geise broch; Skinnet cross-slab (photograph); p18 St Thomas' Chapel, Skinnet (plan) p19 Scrabster broch; Bishop's Castle Thurso; p19v Bishop's Walk; p20 Holborn Head fort; 15 August p21 Hill of Shebster (plan); p23 Achiebraeskiall cairn (The Sian); horned cairn Na Tri Sithean; p23 Cnoc Freiceadain horned cairn (photograph); loose: list of sites; 16 Aug p25 Cnoc Freiceadain cairn; p26 Achreamie cairn (Inv no 371); Upper Dounreay stone row; p28 Upper Dounreay chambered cairn; p29 Upper Dounreay standing stones 17 Aug p30 Thing's Va broch p31 broch mound near last (Inv no 433); Brimside Tulloch broch; p32 Tulloch of Stemster broch; p33 Stemster broch; Oust broch 18 Aug p34 Thurdistoft broch (photograph); Dunnet church (Inv no 61) (photograph); loose: letter to Curle from James Sutherland of the Caithness Field Club, dated 2 June 1911. p35 mound excavated by Tress Barry in Wick parish; Hunspow cairn; Brough Castle p36 site of chapel at Ham; Ham souterrain (sketch plan); p37 cairns nr Rattar House; p38 Kirk o' Tang/Kirk o' Banks chapel (Inv no 81); p39 Rossy Hillock cairn; mounds nr West Murkle Farm; 22 Aug p40 Broubster stone setting and standing stones; (photograph), mound; p42 Tulach Buaile Asserie long cairn; p44 Torr Ban na Gruagaich cairn; Carriside cairn; p45 Loch Calder hut circles (Inv nos125-6); 23 Aug p46 Burnside Murkle broch; East Murkle cairn p47 Ha' of Greenland broch; Links of Greenland cairns; p48 Tulach Buaile Asserie long cairnLinks of Dunnet hut circles & mound; 24 Aug p49 Dirlot stone row; 25 Aug p51 Tulloch of Lybster broch; p52 St Mary's Church, Crosskirk; p53 Crosskirk broch; Lower Dounreay cairn; p54 Dounreay Castle (sketch plan); p55 broch mound at Lower Dounreay (Inv no 349); broch Upper Dounreay; 29 Aug p55 carved stones at Sandside (Inv no 406) and frag considered natural; p56 loose: letter to Curle from F Pilkington, Thurso, dated 1 Sept 1910; p57 Sandside cairn (Inv no 375); market cross at Reay; 30 Aug p57 examining pottery from Nybster broch; p58 Nybster mound excavated by Tress Barry; 31 Aug p59 Sibmister broch; p59v sketches of a stone axe and a flat bronze axe found in Cairn of Howe nr Thurso c 1885, in possession of John Anderson. Note added in April 1912 about a similar bronze axe which Curle saw in the possession of Robert Dickinson of Longcroft, Lauder. p60 mound on Hill of Clindrag, possibly related to cist found in 1978; St Trothan's Church, Olrig; p60v sketch of font at st Trothan's; p61 mounds and cairns around Olrig; p62 met John Anderson, engineer at flour mill in Thurso; 1 Sept p62 Dirlot stone rows; mound at Halkirk( Tulloch of Milton?) p64 Barrogill Castle (Castle of Mey) (plan); p65 Barrogill mound (Cairn o' Mey); p66 3 Sept 'Visit to Borrobol Lodge to excavate hut circle' = Kinbrace Hill. Returned to Thurso on 6 Sept. 7 Sept p66 Tulloch of Shalmstry; Brawl Castle; p67 Hoy broch; p67v sketches of flint implement and sandstone ring in the possession of Mrs Henderson, Stemster p68 Torran Reitheach cairn; Sordale Hill cairns; p70 Cnoc na Ciste cairn; p71 Mill of Knockdee cairn; 8 Sept p72 mound Torr na Craoibhe, Broubster (Inv no 384); possible kiln nr Broubster Bridge; p73 mounds around Shebster; p74 broch nr Achunabust; standing stone 'Clach Clais an Tuire' (Inv no 403) (photograp); Craig Leathan; 9 Sept p75 At Stemster, Alick Murray's collection of flint arrowheads and whorls. Circular foundations in Stemster park. Stemster dovecot (Inv no 14). p76 rectangular foundation in front of dovecot, identity unknown. Shean chambered cairn. p78 possible cairn near crofts at Stemster (Inv no20). Sinclair's Shean cairn at Stemster (Inv no 10); p79 cairn at Sordale Hill; Ha' of Duran broch (Inv no 436); 12 Sept p79 At Upper Dounreay to help with planning of stone row. p80 At Shurrery with Prof Bryce to look at cairns with outstanding problems. Found several unnoted cairns. p81 denuded cairns nr Brawlbin; 14 Sept p82 St John's Loch Dunnet; Greenvale (Inv no 85). p83 Scafskerry broch; St John's Point Chapel Canisbay; loose: letter to Curle from Joseph Anderson, dated 12 July 1910, concerning purchase of gold torcs from Urquhart and possible ogham inscription; p84 St John's Point fort; Gills broch; p85 Canisbay church & monuments; p87 Brabstermire broch; p88 Brabstermire chapel; 16 Sept p89 John Nicholson is to show them at runic stone; Borroughston Mains Grren Tullochs broch; p90 Borrowston Mains cairn (Inv no378); p91 Isauld chapel, where Nicholson had seen runic stone but it had vanished (Curle doubted from a photograph that they were runes); cross-slab at Reay (Inv no340); p94 Bryce's opinion about the Reay standing stones. Standing stones and broch at Acharasdal; 17 Sept p96 visit to Stroma with Prof Bryce; p98 Stroma church (Inv no 50); p100 Stroma chambered cairn; cairn on Mell head (Inv no43); p101 Castle Mestag; 18 Sept p102 old houses in Thurso (Inv nos 425, 426, 427, 428); 19 Sept p102 possible broch Ha' of Greenland (Inv no 64); p103 turf structures nr Lochend farm (Inv no 51); chambered cairn Earl's Cairn, Inksrack; p104v sketch of jug from medieval ruin at Alterwale; p105 broch Scoolary; medieval ruin Alterwale; Murga broch; cairn Moss of Tain (Inv no 12); loose: postcard to Curle from A Sinclair, Brabster, dated 30 Set 1910 with measurements of 'cup'; p106 long cairn Cooper's Hill; 20 Sept p107 returned to Forse with Prof Bryce; Forse hut circles; p109 Forse standing stone (Inv no 287); 21 Sept p109 Knockglass long cairn; p110 lost site of Cairn of Howe; old house Shore Street, Thurso (Inv no 426); p111 old building NW of St Peter's Church, Thurso (Inv no 428); carved mantelpiece in old house in Davidson's Entry, Thurso (Inv no 427); loose: ink sketch of carving on mantelpiece; p112 remains of old chapel Victoria Walk, Thurso (Inv no 423); 22 Sept p112 left Thurso by train for Edinburgh (11 hours). Note of how many new sites discovered of various classes. Invents new term 'galleried dwelling'. p113 loose: newspaper cutting concerning St Magnus Cathedral, Kirkwall.


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Collection Level (551 1) RCAHMS

Group Level (551 1/8) Investigators' Field Notes

>> Sub-Group Level (551 1/8/9) MS 36 / 10 - 99

>>> Item Level (MS 36/19) Journal and clean copy of field notes by A O Curle (RCAHMS). Titled 'Caithness III'.

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