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RAB 359/6/1


Collection General Collection

Catalogue Number RAB 359/6/1

Category All Other


Collection Hierarchy - Sub-Group Level

Collection Level (551 359) General Collection

Group Level (551 359/6) SPECIAL COLLECTIONS


Preview Category Catalogue Number Title Date Level
All Other 551 359/6/1/385 Illustrations from Historical and descriptive Guide to the Abbey of Aberbrothock 1868 Batch Level
All Other 551 359/6/1/387 Illustrations from Rev D Butler, The Ancient Church and Parish of Abernethy 1898 Batch Level
All Other 551 359/6/1/396 Illustrations from Villa and cottage architecture: select examples of country and suburban residences recently erected with a full descriptive notice of each building 1868 Batch Level
All Other 551 359/6/1/469 Illustrations from 'Appareils Sanitaires' catalogue by Shanks & Co. Ltd, 1912 1/1912 Batch Level
All Other 551 359/6/1/470 Illustrations from 'Illustrated list of Shanks' New Patent Urinals', 1914 1/1914 Batch Level
All Other 551 359/6/1/429 Edinburgh Architectural Association Sketch Book 1883 Batch Level
All Other 551 359/6/1/398 Illustrations from Jeffrey and Howie, The trees and shrubs of Fife and Kinross 1879 Batch Level
All Other 551 359/6/1/391 An Elegant Collection of Interesting Views in Scotland 1812 Batch Level
All Other 551 359/6/1/374 Illustrations from James J Hunter, Historical Notices of Lady Yesters Church and Parish 1864 Batch Level
All Other 551 359/6/1/397 Illustrations from Views in the Lothians Batch Level
All Other 551 359/6/1/100 Batch Level
All Other 551 359/6/1/101 Batch Level
All Other 551 359/6/1/376 Photographs of items from and parts of Churches and Chapels in Kintyre, reprinted from articles by T Harvey Thompson MD DPH in 'The Campbeltown Courier'. 7/12/1934 Batch Level
All Other 551 359/6/1/146 Illustrations from the Advertiser Batch Level
All Other 551 359/6/1/292 Illustrations from 'Views in Scotland'. This book contains 295 engravings which show views of buildings and landscapes in Scotland. The collector of the engravings has not been identified but most of them seem to have been culled from other books and magazines. Possibly some were bought from print sellers as one or two are marked 'Proof'. They were collected, arranged alphabetically and sent for binding (in half leather with marbled boards) at some time after 1866, which is the date of the latest engraving – a view of the stone circle at Callernish [sic] on the Isle of Lewis, drawn by The Rev. George D. Mackarness. [He was an antiquarian and archaeologist, founder of the Anastatic Drawing Society and Vicar of Ilam, Derbyshire, who published 8 volumes of views of Great Britain between 1863 and 1871.] Copies of the earliest engravings had been used in Pennant’s "Tour of Scotland and Journey to the Hebrides" (3rd edition 1774) in which the author acknowledged that the view of the sheilings on Jura had been given to him by Mr. Joseph Banks from his own collection. Others came from "The Gentleman's Magazine"; the 1805-17 issues of "The Scots Magazine and Edinburgh Literary Miscellany," (published by A. Constable); "The Border Antiquities of England & Scotland,"; "The Antiquarian & Topographical Cabinet containing a series of elegant views of the most interesting objects of curiosity in Great Britain," (10 vols. Edited by J. S. Storer and John Greig, 1807); and various volumes in an 1834 edition of the "Works of Sir Walter Scott" published by Chapman & Long), and many unidentified sources. J. P. Neale was both the artist and publisher of many views in the 1820s and 30s, and others were engraved from originals by J. M. W. Turner, A. W. Calcott, Thomas H. Shepherd, S. Hooper, T. Allom, Paul Sandby and others. Engravers include P. Mazell and R. Scott. Among other publishers were George Virtue, Joseph Swan, Verner & Hood, Jones & Co., and G. Kearsly. The majority of the engravings were published during the first three decades of the nineteenth century and they cover many parts of Scotland but with some notable exceptions, such as Glasgow and Inverness. Some include figures, livestock and boats and one or two are dramatic – a coach with startled horses fleeing from pursuit in Glen Croe, ships in stormy seas, and Sewell's 'Bird Catching at Orkney (1785)' showing sea stacks being reached by a figure in a basket. A number depict prestigious country houses and estates with details of their ownership. Batch Level
All Other 551 359/6/1/150 Illustrations from Black's guide to the Trossachs 1859 Batch Level
All Other 551 359/6/1/148 Illustrations from Scenery in the Western Highlands c. 1880 Batch Level
All Other 551 359/6/1/395 Illustrations from James Pagan, Sketches of the History of Glasgow 1847 Batch Level
All Other 551 359/6/1/389 Photographic Illustrations of Views of Glasgow International Exhibition 1901 1901 Batch Level
All Other 551 359/6/1/375 Illustrations form Master James Wallace's 'A Description of the Isles of Orkney' 1693 Batch Level
All Other 551 359/6/1/383 Illustrations from Guide Book to Dundee 1878 Batch Level
All Other 551 359/6/1/394 Illustrations from Aberdeen Directory 1922 - 1923 1922 Batch Level
All Other 551 359/6/1/377 Illustrations from John Charles Dunlop and Alison Hay Dunlop, The Book of Old Edinburgh and Hand-Book to the Old Edinburgh Street. 1886 Batch Level
All Other 551 359/6/1/378 Illustrations from Robert Chambers, The Threiplands of Fingask. 1880 Batch Level

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