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A factory used for processing raw materials. Use more specific term where known.


Related Terms

Term Note
DIESEL ENGINE WORKS A site where diesel engines are manufactured.
INDUSTRIAL SITE An area or defined space believed to have been used for trades and/or manufacturing activity. Only use when evidence for more specific site type is lacking.
LADE An artificial channel carrying water from a stream or river to a water mill.
MILLWRIGHTS WORKSHOP A workshop where industrial machinery and equipment is repaired and maintained.
TIME OFFICE A room or building occupied by a person employed to keep accounts of workers' hours of labour.
WATERCOURSE A channel used for or formed by the conveyance of water. Can be natural, e.g. a river or artificial e.g. an aqueduct. Use more specific type where known.
WORKS Usually a complex of buildings for the processing of raw materials. Use specific type where known. Linked Data resource