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A group of dwellings, associated farm buildings and land, held by two or more joint tenants usually working the land communally.

Clachan (Non-Preferred) | Crofting Township (Non-Preferred) | Deserted Township (Non-Preferred) | Fermtoun (Non-Preferred)


Related Terms

Term Note
BLACKHOUSE A dwelling comprising byre, barn and living quarters, with walls consisting of inner and outer dry stone facings with an insulating turf core.
BYRE DWELLING A rectangular building of late- to post-medieval date, comprising a dwelling for people and accommodation for animals under one roof. Only use where there is evidence for both functions.
CORN DRYING KILN A kiln used for drying cereals. Use for freestanding structures only. For corn drying kilns incorporated into barns use KILN BARN.
CORN EXCHANGE A building where samples of corn were sold or auctioned during the early to mid 19th century. When not in use, between market days, the buildings were used as public halls.
CROFT A small farm or holding.
HEAD DYKE A dyke used to separate the agricultural land of a township from rough grazing.
SHIELING Upland pasture to which animals were driven on a seasonal basis. For structures associated with shielings use SHIELING HUT.
TACKSMANS HOUSE A dwelling occupied by a tacksman, the chief leaseholder of a township who rented out land to sub-tenants. Linked Data resource