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An island, partly or wholly artificial, often formed by dumping timber, earth and stones and revetted with timber piles or a palisade. Built in a loch, wetland or estuary and dating from prehistory to medieval.


Related Terms

Term Note
ARTIFICIAL ISLAND An artificial island with no visible traces of occupation.
BROCH An Iron Age round defended house, found mainly in the north and west of Scotland. Brochs have a tapering profile and thick, usually hollow dry stone walls which contain galleries, cells and a stairway, with guard cells at the entrance.
DUN A building or settlement enclosure with a thick drystone wall, generally circular or oval in plan, usually sited in an elevated position.
FORTIFIED ISLAND An island, natural or partly artificial, with evidence for a defensive perimeter wall. Use more specific terms where possible.
GALLERIED DUN A building or settlement enclosure, generally circular or oval in plan, with a double-skinned dry stone wall which often contains galleries and a stairway. Usually sited in an elevated position.
HOUSE A building designed for human habitation, usually as a permanent dwelling. Use specific term where known.
ISLAND DWELLING A small, sometimes partly artificial, island with evidence of buildings and other structures related to domestic occupation, generally of medieval date. Linked Data resource