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A gateway with one or more chambers over the entrance arch; the flanking towers housing stairs and additional rooms. Use with wider site type where known.

Abbey Gatehouse (Non-Preferred) | Castle Gatehouse (Non-Preferred) | Dockyard Gatehouse (Non-Preferred) | Friary Gatehouse (Non-Preferred) | Gatehouse Chapel (Non-Preferred) | Monastery Gatehouse (Non-Preferred) | Priory Gatehouse (Non-Preferred)


Related Terms

Term Note
ABBEY The buildings of a monastic community presided over by an abbot or abbess.
DOCKYARD An enclosure in which ships are built and repaired, and all sorts of ships' stores are brought together.
FRIARY A religious house occupied by men of mendicant religious orders (friars).
GATE A moveable structure used to allow or prevent passage through an opening, usually in a wall, fence or other barrier.
GATE LODGE A building located at the gateway or entrance to an estate, park or other enclosed area of land.
GATE TOWER A tower, containing a gate, built into the walls of a town, castle or similar fortification.
GUARDHOUSE A building used for the accommodation of a military guard and/or the detainment of prisoners.
MONASTERY A complex of buildings inhabited by a community of men living in seclusion under religious vows.
PRIORY A lesser monastery headed by a prior, often linked to a cathedral or dependent on a mother house. Linked Data resource