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A fortified overnight camp enclosed within a shallow ditch, bank and palisade, constructed by Roman troops on campaigns or manoeuvres.


Related Terms

Term Note
ENCAMPMENT A temporary military camp. If Roman use TEMPORARY CAMP.
FRONTIER DEFENCE A system of fortifications constructed along a national frontier to contain the local population, as well as keep out undesirable raiders eg. Antonine Wall. Use with more specific monument type where known.
LEGIONARY FORTRESS A large, fortified permanent military base built to house a Roman legion, generally defended by at least one rampart and ditch.
ROMAN FORT A fortified permanent military base defended by at least one rampart and ditch, generally built for a single regiment of 500 or 1000 men, and containing accommodation for troops and officers, together with stores and ancillary buildings.
TEMPORARY COMPOUND A compound containing one or more buildings, attached to a Roman military installation and enclosed within a bank and ditch, which was used either intermittently or for a short period only. Linked Data resource