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An enclosure which appears to have a ritual, rather than a defensive or domestic, function.


Related Terms

Term Note
CAUSEWAYED ENCLOSURE A Neolithic monument comprising a sub-circular enclosing ditch, interrupted by frequent causeways, and often accompanied by an internal bank, also causewayed.
CURSUS A rectangular enclosure of Neolithic date, presumed to be of ceremonial function.
HENGE A circular or sub-circular enclosure of middle to late Neolithic date, defined by a ditch and external bank, usually with one or more entrances. May contain a variety of internal features, including stone and timber settings and hearths.
RITUAL BUILDING A building which appears to have fulfilled a ritual, rather than a domestic or industrial, function.
RITUAL PIT A pit which appears to have been dug for, or which contains, objects apparently deposited for reasons other than storage, disposal or extraction.
STONE CIRCLE A circular or oval setting of spaced, usually freestanding, upright stones. More than one circle may be present, arranged concentrically. Linked Data resource