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A dwelling comprising byre, barn and living quarters, with walls consisting of inner and outer dry stone facings with an insulating turf core.


Related Terms

Term Note
BARN A building used primarily for the storage of hay, grain and farm equipment, or as a shelter for livestock. Use more specific type where known.
BYRE A cow shed.
BYRE DWELLING A rectangular building of late- to post-medieval date, comprising a dwelling for people and accommodation for animals under one roof. Only use where there is evidence for both functions.
CORN DRYING KILN A kiln used for drying cereals. Use for freestanding structures only. For corn drying kilns incorporated into barns use KILN BARN.
COTTAGE A small dwelling, usually of only one storey, and generally located in the country. Use more specific type where known.
FARMHOUSE The main dwelling-house attached to a farm.
TACKSMANS HOUSE A dwelling occupied by a tacksman, the chief leaseholder of a township who rented out land to sub-tenants.
THATCHED COTTAGE A cottage with a roof of reeds, straw or heather, layered and fastened together.
TOWNSHIP A group of dwellings, associated farm buildings and land, held by two or more joint tenants usually working the land communally.
TURF HOUSE A dwelling with turf walls. Linked Data resource