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A shaft sunk into the ground to provide a supply of water.


Related Terms

Term Note
DONKEY WHEEL A treadwheel using a donkey as motive power. Usually found in association with wells.
DRINKING FOUNTAIN A fountain used for the specific purpose of supplying drinking water.
HAND PUMP A hand operated mechanism used to raise and move water, liquids, compressed gases etc.
PUMP A machine used to raise and move water and other liquids, compress gases etc. Use more specific term where known.
SHAFT A vertical passage which provides access or ventilation to an underground excavation or chamber. Use only if function is unknown, otherwise use specific term.
SPA A medicinal or mineral spring often with an associated building.
WELL HEAD The structure at the top of a draw well.
WELL HOUSE A building over a well housing machinery for raising the water. Often consisting of a DONKEY WHEEL or HORSE GIN. Linked Data resource