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A place of burial.

Viking Grave (Non-Preferred)


Related Terms

Term Note
BURIAL An interment of human or animal remains. Use specific term where known.
CHURCHYARD An area of ground belonging to a church, often used as a burial ground.
CIST Generally rectangular structure normally used for burial purposes; formed from stone slabs set on edge and covered by one or more horizontal slabs or capstones. Cists may be built on the surface or sunk into the ground.
COFFIN A stone, wood, or lead box in which a dead body is placed for interment or cremation.
GRAVE SLAB A stone used to cover a grave.
GRAVESTONE A stone or slab used to mark, identify and commemorate a burial. Usually placed at the head or foot of a grave, or at the entrance to a tomb.
HOGBACK STONE A block of stone carved to represent a gabled house, with a convex curve to the ridge of its roof, dating to the 10th century AD. May be abstract or naturalistic, and have additional decoration in the form of bears or snakes.
MORT SAFE An iron frame placed over a coffin or at the entrance to a grave to act as a deterrent against resurrectionists.
SARCOPHAGUS A stone coffin embellished with sculpture.
TOMB A grave or sepulchre including a monument. Use specific term where known. Linked Data resource