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A tall building, either round, rectangular or polygonal in plan, used for a variety of purposes, including defence, as a landmark, for the hanging of bells, industrial functions, etc. Use more specific term where known.


Related Terms

Term Note
BELVEDERE A turret, tower or look out occupying a prominent position to provide a view, either a separate building, or part of a villa.
COUNTRY HOUSE A rural residence or mansion.
HYDRAULIC ACCUMULATOR TOWER A structure used for the storage of hydraulic energy. A head of water holds a counterweight at the top of the tower by means of pumps. Used for powering machinery, and often connected to an urban or port infrastructure by a network of hydraulic mains.
KEEP The major tower of a fortification, often acting as its last defence.
SHOT TOWER A tower in which shot is made from molten lead poured through sieves at top and falling into water at bottom.
SIGNAL TOWER A tower which forms part of a semaphore communication system, often a three-storey building set on a hill in line-of-sight. Signal towers usually provided accommodation for two crewmen and their families.
STEEPLE A tall, ornamental tower, which usually forms part of a church, temple or other building.
WATCH TOWER A building or structure from which observation is kept of the approach of danger. Linked Data resource