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An enclosing structure composed of brick, stone or similar materials. Use specific type where known.

Orthostatic Wall (Non-Preferred) | Wall Foundations (Non-Preferred)


Related Terms

Term Note
BANK (EARTHWORK) Linear or curvilinear construction of earth, turf and stone, often, but not always accompanied by a ditch. Use specific type where known.
BOUNDARY The limit to an area as defined on a map or by a marker of some form e.g. BOUNDARY WALL. Use specific term where known.
DYKE A drystone or turf wall forming a linear barrier.
GATE A moveable structure used to allow or prevent passage through an opening, usually in a wall, fence or other barrier.
OUTWORKS A series of defensive features, such as walls, banks and ditches, which protect a building or settlement.
TOWN DEFENCES Defensive fortifications, such as ramparts, ditches and stone walls, built to defend a town or city.
WALLED GARDEN A garden surrounded by a substantial wall. Linked Data resource