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Image Canmore ID Site Name Classification Site Number
Laidie Hill 294 Laidie Hill Burial Cairn (Bronze Age) HU24NE 7
Forse Water 347 Forse Water Burial Cairn (Bronze Age) HU25NE 13
549 Brecks, Scatness Burial Cairn (Bronze Age), Cist (Bronze Age), Inhumation (Bronze Age), Beaker (Pottery)(Bronze Age) HU31SE 15
584 North Lochend Burial Cairn (Prehistoric) HU32SE 1
585 Longhill Burial Cairn (Bronze Age), Chambered Cairn (Neolithic)(Possible) HU32SE 2
620 East Burra, Wester Heog Burial Cairn (Prehistoric), Sheepfold(S) (Post Medieval) HU33SE 11
621 East Burra, The Heog Burial Cairn (Prehistoric) HU33SE 12
Groni Field 769 Groni Field Burial Cairn (Prehistoric) HU35SW 6
773 Ladie Hill Burial Cairn (Neolithic) - (Bronze Age) HU36NE 1
Fetlar, Helina Kruga 1432 Fetlar, Helina Kruga Burial Cairn (Prehistoric)(Possible), Settlement (Prehistoric)(Possible) HU69SW 11
1438 Fetlar, Hamara Field Burial Cairn (Bronze Age), Cist (Bronze Age) HU69SW 17
Yesnaby, Brough Of Bigging 1693 Yesnaby, Brough Of Bigging Building(S) (Medieval) - (18th Century), Burial Cairn (Prehistoric)(Possible), Promontory Fort (Prehistoric) HY21NW 7
Ness Of Brodgar 1698 Ness Of Brodgar Burial Cairn (Early Bronze Age), Cist(S) (Early Bronze Age), Cremation(S) (Early Bronze Age), Cinerary Urn (Pottery)(Early Bronze Age), Cinerary Vessel (Steatite)(Early Bronze Age) HY21SE 11
Rousay, Geord Of Nears 2630 Rousay, Geord Of Nears Burial Cairn (Early Bronze Age), Cist (Early Bronze Age), Cremation (Early Bronze Age), Cinerary Vessel(S) (Steatite)(Early Bronze Age) HY42NW 16
2691 Queenamuckle Burial Cairn(S) (Bronze Age), Cist(S) (Bronze Age), Cremation(S) (Bronze Age), Cinerary Vessel (Steatite)(Bronze Age) HY42SW 5
Sanday, North Mire 3433 Sanday, North Mire Burial Cairn (Prehistoric)(Possible), Cairn (Prehistoric) HY63NW 27
Sanday, Hack's Ness 3478 Sanday, Hack's Ness Burial Cairn (Prehistoric)(Possible), Marker Cairn (Post Medieval)(Possible), Windmill (Post Medieval)(Possible) HY63SW 5
3482 Sanday, Spur Ness Barrow(S) (Bronze Age)(Possible), Burial Cairn (Bronze Age), Cist(S) (Bronze Age), Cremation(S) (Bronze Age), Cinerary Vessel (Steatite)(Bronze Age) HY63SW 9
Sanday, Hangie Head, Tres Ness 3565 Sanday, Hangie Head, Tres Ness Broch (Iron Age)(Possible), Burial Cairn (Prehistoric)(Possible) HY73NW 3
Lewis, Bhaltos, Cnip 4003 Lewis, Bhaltos, Cnip Burial Cairn(S) (Early Bronze Age), Cremation(S) (Early Bronze Age), Inhumation(S) (Early Bronze Age), Shell Midden (Prehistoric), Awl (Copper Alloy)(Early Bronze Age), Bead(S) (Jet)(Early Bronze Age), Cinerary Urn (Early Bronze Age) NB03NE 11
Lewis, Timsgarry 4039 Lewis, Timsgarry Burial Cairn (Prehistoric)(Possible), Human Remains (Prehistoric)(Possible) NB03SE 2
5768 Loch Loyal Burial Cairn (Prehistoric) NC65SW 1
5876 Cnoc Na H-airde Burial Cairn (Bronze Age)(Possible) NC70NW 38
Creag Leac Nam Fitheach 5880 Creag Leac Nam Fitheach Burial Cairn (Bronze Age), Cairnfield (Prehistoric), Hut (Period Unknown), Hut Circle(S) (Prehistoric) NC70NW 41