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A building or complex, housing machinery for manufacturing purposes. Use specific term where known.

Related Terms

Term Note
BRICKWORKS An industrial manufacturing complex producing bricks.
CANTEEN A self-service dining room, especially for workers/employees; also in institutions, such as schools, hospitals, etc.
ENGINE HOUSE A building housing an engine. Use specific term where known.
FOOD AND DRINK INDUSTRY SITE Buildings, sites and structures associated with the large-scale production, processing and preserving of food and drink.
INDUSTRIAL ESTATE An area of land divided into plots for use by manufacturing or commercial concerns, which may share some common services.
INDUSTRIAL SITE An area or defined space believed to have been used for trades and/or manufacturing activity. Only use when evidence for more specific site type is lacking.
INSTRUMENT ENGINEERING WORKS A site where scientific and technical instruments such as microscopes are assembled.
LIGHT ENGINEERING WORKS A group of buildings where consumer goods, such as small machines and electrical components, are manufactured.
MAINTENANCE WORKSHOP A building or room used for the maintenance of the buildings and facilities in a large complex, such as a hospital, school or factory.
MANAGERS HOUSE A purpose-built dwelling for the manager of a factory, works, textile mill, etc, often found within the complex itself.
MILLWRIGHTS WORKSHOP A workshop where industrial machinery and equipment is repaired and maintained.
STEAM ENGINE An engine in which the mechanical force of steam is made available as a motive power for driving machinery.
TIME OFFICE A room or building occupied by a person employed to keep accounts of workers' hours of labour.
WATCH HOUSE A house or hut for a nightwatchman; including parish watch houses in churchyards and private watch houses, eg. in dockyards, factories, etc.
WORKS Usually a complex of buildings for the processing of raw materials. Use specific type where known. Linked Data resource