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A building or structure from which observation is kept of the approach of danger.


Related Terms

Term Note
BEACON An elevated site or structure upon which a signal, especially a fire, could be placed as a means of communication or as a warning.
FRONTIER DEFENCE A system of fortifications constructed along a national frontier to contain the local population, as well as keep out undesirable raiders eg. Antonine Wall. Use with more specific monument type where known.
LIGHTHOUSE A tower or structure, with a powerful light or lights at the top, usually erected at an important or dangerous point on or near the sea-coast for the warning and guidance of mariners, but can also be erected inland for the guidance of travellers.
OBSERVATION POST A building or site for watching specific military activities or the movement of enemy forces, etc.
SIGNAL STATION A turf and stone platform attached to a FRONTIER DEFENCE, and thought to be a beacon stance.
TOWER A tall building, either round, rectangular or polygonal in plan, used for a variety of purposes, including defence, as a landmark, for the hanging of bells, industrial functions, etc. Use more specific term where known. Linked Data resource