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Buildings, engineering constructions and machinery, used for the purpose of supplying a town, etc, with water distributed through pipes.

Water Treatment Works (Non-Preferred)


Related Terms

Term Note
AQUEDUCT An artificial channel, generally elevated and built of stone, and used to convey water.
CONDUIT HOUSE A small building over the end of a water conduit or spring.
ENGINE HOUSE A building housing an engine. Use specific term where known.
FILTER BED A tank or pond containing a layer of sand etc, for filtering large quantities of liquid.
FILTER HOUSE A building containing apparatus for the removal of large pieces of detritus from a water supply.
PUMP HOUSE A small pumping station.
PUMPING STATION A facility with pumps and associated equipment, often part of a Waterworks.
RESERVOIR A natural or artificial body of water where water is collected and stored for a specific use. Use specific term where known.
WATER HOUSE A building that houses machinery for measuring and controlling the flow of water from an external source such as a river.
WATER TANK A receptacle for storing water.
WATER TOWER A tower serving as a reservoir to deliver water at a required point.
WELL HOUSE A building over a well housing machinery for raising the water. Often consisting of a DONKEY WHEEL or HORSE GIN. Linked Data resource