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A large building used for the transaction of the public business of a town, the holding of courts of justice, entertainments and other activities, following the Municipal Reform Act of 1833.

City Hall (Non-Preferred)

Related Terms

Term Note
BURGH CHAMBERS A building, suite of rooms or hall, within a larger building such as a tollbooth or a town-house, in which meetings of the burgh were held.
COUNTY BUILDING A building containing the local administrative, judicial and political authorities.
GUILDHALL Traditionally, the hall of a crafts, trade, or merchants' guild. Nowadays, often used to describe a TOWN HALL.
HALL A large building or room used for a specific function. If not domestic, use specific term, e.g. VILLAGE HALL.
MARKET HOUSE A market building, pre-19th century, incorporating other function rooms, e.g. theatres, courtrooms, schoolrooms.
MUNICIPAL BUILDING A building owned or used by a local authority.
TOLBOOTH A building serving as a centre of local burgh administration, justice and ceremony.
TOWN A settlement with public buildings, commercial establishments and private dwellings, larger than a village and having more complete and independent local government. Linked Data resource