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A hole or cavity in the ground, either natural or the result of excavation. Use more specific type where known.


Related Terms

Term Note
CESS PIT A pit for the reception of human waste and refuse.
CLAY PIT A place from which clay is extracted.
CREMATION PIT A site where a corpse has been burnt on a pyre over a pit, which acts as a receptacle for the remains. Occasionally accompanied by burnt grave goods, placed with the body on the pyre.
EXTRACTIVE PIT Surface workings, including shallow shafts, lode workings, open-pit methods and quarrying including some mines of stone, clays, compounds etc. See also MINERAL EXTRACTION SITE.
PIT ALIGNMENT A single line, or pair of roughly parallel lines, of pits set at intervals along a common axis or series of axes. The pits are not thought to have held posts.
PIT CIRCLE A circular or sub-circular arrangement of pits usually revealed as cropmarks on aerial photographs. Where excavation has shown the pits contained timber posts use TIMBER CIRCLE.
PIT DEFINED AVENUE An avenue defined by two or more parallel rows of pits.
PIT DEFINED CURSUS A long, rectangular enclosure defined by pits or post-holes, often with one or more internal divisions. Presumed to be ritual in function and of Neolithic date.
PIT ENCLOSURE An enclosure where the boundary is defined by a line of pits. Usually revealed as cropmarks on aerial photographs. Where excavation has shown the pits contained upright timber posts use TIMBER ENCLOSURE.
PIT GROUP An associated but irregular grouping of pits.
PIT SETTING A regular grouping of pits.
RITUAL PIT A pit which appears to have been dug for, or which contains, objects apparently deposited for reasons other than storage, disposal or extraction.
RUBBISH PIT A pit where domestic waste material is deposited.
SAW PIT A place where tree trunks were sawn into planks by hand.
STORAGE PIT A pit in which meat, grain and other foodstuffs are stored.
TANNING PIT A pit or tank containing chemicals for preserving animal hide. Linked Data resource