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A navigable artificial inland waterway used for transportation of goods and for recreation.


Related Terms

Term Note
AQUEDUCT An artificial channel, generally elevated and built of stone, and used to convey water.
BOAT LIFT A structure used for the lifting of boats and other water craft.
BRIDGE KEEPERS COTTAGE The residence of a bridge keeper.
CANAL WORKERS COTTAGE The residence of a canal worker.
INCLINED PLANE A prepared slope on which rails are laid to enable early tramroads and railways to negotiate a steep gradient.
LOCK A section of the water channel on a canal or river shut off above and below by lock gates provided with sluices to let the water out and in, and thus raise or lower boats from one level to another. Use more specific type where known.
LOCK KEEPERS COTTAGE The residence of a canal lock-keeper.
TOW PATH A path running by the side of a canal or navigable river for use in towing vessels.
VIADUCT A bridge, usually resting on a series or arches, carrying roadways or railways over low-lying areas.
WATER CHANNEL An artificial watercourse for the conveyance of water.
WEIR A dam constructed on a canal or river or stream, designed to retain the water and regulate its flow. Linked Data resource